Monday, October 26, 2009

Lawyers looking for victims of former Kanakuk director Pete Newman

The countdown is on to see when the first lawsuit is filed in connection with the sex crimes alleged against former Kanakuk Kamp director Pete Newman.

At least one national law firm, Cory Watson Crowder & DeGaris, is advertising for victims.

According to the website:

According to court documents, on June 8, 2009, Joe White received a signed letter from Newman, confessing to multiple acts of sexual misconduct with former campers and offering an apology. Shortly before the September warrant was issued, Joe White made a statement that it had been known since March 2009 that Newman allegedly “engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior with adolescent boys, including some who had been Kanakuk Kampers.” There are allegations that the camp organization has known about Newman’s improper conduct for many years and failed to acknowledge it. Sexual abuse lawyers at Cory Watson Crowder & DeGaris are accepting cases involving accusations of inappropriate conduct or possible sexual abuse at Kanakuk camps. All inquiries will be handled in a discreet and confidential manner.

If you or your child were victimized by Pete Newman, we want to help. When you contact us, you will immediately be able to speak with one of our experienced lawyers, and your conversation will be confidential. We have experience in these cases dealing with very emotional and private situations. We can help you. For a discreet and confidential consultation please contact Ernest Cory or Tara Henderson at or call toll-free (800) 852-6299.

The next hearing in Newman's case is scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday in Taney County Circuit Court.


Anonymous said...

I think it is great that you are covering this and keeping information availble about this case. But it is ABSURD to make an allegation that anyone at Kanakuk was aware of this prior to his firing, let alone for 2 years.

Anonymous said...

Kanakuk was not aware of the abuse!! They would not have let that happen. That is just a rumor going around. They are so upset about this and can't even speak without sobbing. It is heartbreaking to Kanakuk!! They are all about sharing the word of Christ with kids. People should stop saying they were aware of it before March!! If they had been aware of it before March, then what suddenly would have made the difference when they fired him and called the authorities. Kanakuk started the investigation and called police.

Anonymous said...

Time will tell what Kanakuk knew and when they knew it. My guess is they knew about it, remember some parents have already come forward and said they had discussed this man with the Kamp several years ago.

I think they are guilty, its nothing but a money making machine, using God as their attractor.

Another set of Branson phonies.

Anonymous said...

Knowing P, and with my sons having a close relationship with him (but not inappropriate), I can see how people missed any signs and just chalked it up to "that's P". He was incredible with the kids and freely affectionate. Of course, now that looks damning but at the time it just seemed like who P was.

Even now, I firmly believe P loves Jesus but succumbed to some inner demon. And I not sure why one commenter would consider the kamps as being nothing but a money-making machine. We've sent kids there for 10 years and have never had any reason to think that. I do, however, think that some attorneys see it as a money-maker!

This is a heart-breaking situation. I can't imagine how painful this has been to the Kanakuk people as well at P's family, not to mention the victims and the hundreds or thousands of people affected by the news.

Anonymous said...

I cringe to see lawyers advertising for Pete's victims even though I do believe that there is some culpability on the part of the camp. I know of several parents who raised concerns regarding Pete prior to this year. At a minimum they should have laid down the law with him years ago and prevented the excessive one on one time which occurred during camp sessions with his "favorites."

Unfortunately Joe White and other employees are in CYA mode now. They have been anything BUT forthcoming with information to camp families since March.

Anonymous said...

seriously it is sick to look for victims to make money and if anyone is money making it is these lawyers. kanakuk is a great place and many peoples lives have been changed as a result of this place. God is good and in control and despite the messiness, He will be glorified through this all. sin is serious, i think this situation should make us all realize that. and we should be on our knees daily for this organization.

Anonymous said...

To the poster at 3:02..........YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT!

When you are a leader in denial, or a leader who is not "hands on," this is what can happen..........ESPECIALLY when you are choosing to slap the guy on the wrist and look the other way because he is your RAINMAKER.

We will see how sorry Kanakuk is when we follow how well they "take care" of these victims.

Anonymous said...

The camp administration obviously would not have known THIS was happening, or they would certainly have intervened. However, parents have complained to them about Pete's inappropriate behavior since the beginning of Pete's leadership days. It's a matter of record. They knew he liked naked kids and being naked with kids at least 8 years ago. He was reprimanded, counseled, warned, and made to agree to a new set of guidelines to prevent these inappropriate acts from happening again. There were big signs back then. It's just that Pete was so convincing that he was a genuine nice guy who just wanted to have fun with kids. He is a dangerously-great actor. These victims would not be victims if he was fired when the inappropriate actions began. However, he is a sex addict and would have been doing it somewhere else. This is what we can expect if he is allowed to walk free. Obviously, he can talk anyone into believing anything. It would be easy for him to return to this lifestyle if he gets out. Somebody needs to intervene and rescue his daughter out of that dangerous situation. His wife must be in denial if she's still with him. The longer she supports him, the more she looks like an accomplice. We know she's not, but it sure looks horrifically irresponsible for her to back him. Once he's in prison, she will need to get on with her life but it will be harder if she is still supporting a proven serial pedophile. She must be the most naive person!

diadelkendall said...

This Kanakuk dad/trial lawyer sees only one possible conclusion, Kanakuk will face lawsuits over this.
I am so conflicted over this. How would I handle it if these young men or their parents came to me wishing to recover from Kanakuk for their damages? I would represent them. That is my oath to the law. I know that some find this in conflict with God's word. I do not.
The bible says we should not drag each other into court over church matters. Is this one? What church leaders do you take this conflict to for resolution if it cannot be worked out among the parties? Who determines what will right the wrongs done to these
Is "Kanakuk" a Christian? I believe that many of its leaders are Christians. I do not believe any organization should ever be labeled as Christian. I think I have said here before that "Christian" make a great noun and a terrible adjective.
Does Kanakuk have insurance? Is that a doubtful faith? Absolutely not. It is prudent stewardship of its leaders.
What about their duty to protect the thousands who pay thousands to spend time at Kanakuk every year? I hope that Joe and the rest take full responsibility for any mistakes they MAY have made. And more than that, I hope that whatever lawyers the victims find to represent them will seek the Truth and represent them with dignity.
Do Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly.