Thursday, January 06, 2011

Billy Long not thrilled with way Pelosi passed the gavel

The Speaker's gavel was passed from Nancy Pelosi to John Boehner Wednesday, but Seventh District Congressman Billy Long was not happy with the amount of time it took Ms. Pelosi to go through the process, nor with the time she spent reliving her accomplishments, according to a National Journal article :

While Boehner and his office aren’t commenting, others in the new House GOP majority—like freshman Rep. Billy Long of Missouri—suggest that Pelosi, as a departing speaker, was less than gracious with the length and braggadocio of her remarks.
“I think it’s rather apparent. I’d have handled it differently,” said Long, who complained that Pelosi’s speech—at least it seemed that way to him—was longer than Boehner’s speech after accepting the gavel.


Alan said...

“I think it’s rather apparent. I’d have handled it differently,”
Yeah, Billy. You'd have said "I'm Fed Up!" then baselessly accused someone of lying with a ridiculous catchphrase.
So, yeah. You'd have done it differently.
Stay classy, Billy Long.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he would have had it at the Boar's Nest, with free beer and pretzels for the next 15 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Billy, you're a dope.

Boehner did fine as did Pelosi. I think they are friends "outside of work". Both have only expressed good feelings towards one another. Their differences are political not personal.

Not everyone is talk radio-rabid- crazy-looney-tunes.