Monday, May 09, 2011

Video: Ed Martin leaves Senate race to run for 2nd District Congress

It's a right-wing dream come true- a possible primary race between Ed Martin and Jane Cunningham. Ann Wagner may join in, too. In this Jason Rosenbaum video, Ed Martin talks about his decision to abandon the U. S. Senate race and run for the Second District Congressional seat.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of another person more desperate to get on the public payroll than Ed Martin?

I mean besides Sarah Steelman.

Anonymous said...

Palin. She tops them all....heck at this point she'd take a call from Playboy.

Ed is a loser. Plain and simple. He will not take no for an answer so I guess they'll have to tell him again. He's so toxic.

It amazes me that the people griping about big government are the one's so desperate to get on our payroll and health insurance.

The only one I know who didn't take a salary was Sen. Ted Kennedy. There may be others but he's the only one I know of. AND of course he was a nasty liberal.