Tuesday, August 30, 2011

City of Joplin to provide information about building assistance program

(From the City of Joplin)

As Joplin residents continue their recovery from the May 22 tornado, and begin the rebuilding process, City officials will provide information about various incentives and assistance programs that may help them in this next phase.

“There are a variety of resources that our citizens may be able to utilize in their home repairs and rebuilding,” said City Manager Mark Rohr. “We have researched different means that could provide low interest rates on loans, opportunities to receive building materials through these programs, and ways to provide assistance for families who qualify as well as developing partnerships with various local, regional and national entities.”

Because of the different qualifications these programs entail, the City of Joplin will provide a matrix depicting the various scenarios and the opportunities that correlate with specific guidelines. This information will be announced early next week, along with the contact information for each program.

“These programs offer various types of assistance, and each citizen’s circumstances will vary,” said Rohr. “It will be important for property owners to review the options and determine if there are opportunities that could provide resources for their rebuilding.”

The City encourages residents to watch for more specific information about building incentives in the near future. Announcements will be made through the news media and also be posted on the City’s website at www.joplinmo.org . Throughout the recovery phase, as more tools are developed to help rebuilding efforts, the City will make those details available through these same methods.

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