Thursday, July 26, 2012

Missouri GOP: Claire McCaskill votes to impose new taxes on job creators

The Missouri Republican Party quickly jumped on the U. S. Senate vote Wednesday and characterized it as Claire McCaskill voting to raise taxes on job creators (definitition of job creator- someone who does not create any jobs, but might someday years down the road if he never has to pay taxes). The news release is printed below.

While the US economy continues to sputter, Claire McCaskill has once against sided with Barack Obama and against Missourians by voting to force a massive new tax increase on many American job creators and business owners. 
The McCaskill-Obama tax plan also reinstates a massive death tax, which will slam small businesses and family farmers.
In fact, according to a report published by Ernst & Young, McCaskill’s new taxes will affect one million job creators, kill 710,000 jobs, and cut wages by nearly 2 percent.  Here in Missouri, it will cost Missouri 14,500 jobs and $3.3 billion in lost economic output.
“At a time when the American economy continues to struggle, it is unconscionable that Claire McCaskill would side with President Obama to implement crushing tax hikes on the country’s job creators and especially Missouri farmers,” said Lloyd Smith, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party.  “The fact that McCaskill voted in favor of this massive tax increase proves yet again that she is a reliable rubberstamp for the president and his reckless agenda—and it shows why it’s so important that we replace McCaskill with a conservative who will stand up against the reckless liberal agenda.”
McCaskill’s vote comes just days after her ally and close friend, Barack Obama, disparaged small business owners by claiming that they “didn’t build” their businesses. 

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