Friday, July 27, 2012

Kit Bond endorses Ed Martin

(From the Ed Martin for attorney general campaign)

Former U.S. Senator Christopher (Kit) Bond today strongly endorsed Attorney General candidate Ed Martin’s plan to build a platform for smaller and less intrusive government in the Missouri Attorney General’s office.

Bond is a Missouri statesman who has served the people as Assistant Attorney General, State Auditor, Governor (twice), and U.S. Senator (four terms). Ed Martin recently began touring the state to advance and develop his plan for an Attorney General-led special task force to reduce regulations on small businesses and farmers.

"The onslaught of regulations coming down the pike from unelected bureaucrats in Washington threatens Missourians’ jobs and pocketbooks,” Senator Bond said. “Ed’s new task force will give Missourians a platform to attack this dramatic intrusion of government in how we live and help ensure the government is working for the people, not the other way around."

Martin said he is “deeply honored” by Bond’s support for his plan, and said he will work as hard as he can to meet the high standards for integrity and bipartisan public service exemplified by Bond’s distinguished career.

With Martin as Attorney General, the task force will carefully review federal, state and local laws and regulations and monitor the regulators to make sure that they do not exceed their proper authority or role under the law.

Areas that the task force will address are:
- Redundancies that add no value while increasing burdens;
- Regulations that limit economic freedom and opportunity;
- Practices that impose bureaucratic oversight and interference without redeeming business or social significance;
- Infringements on personal rights and freedoms.

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