Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Missouri Right to Life endorses Billy Long

(From Missouri Right to Life)

Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee (MRL-PAC) has wholeheartedly endorsed Congressman Billy Long, Republican candidate for Congress from Missouri's 7th District. 

MRL -PAC is the most experienced and successful statewide pro-life organization that endorses political candidates on the state and federal level, having served Missourians from the mid 1970's to today.

Since his election in 2010, Billy Long has compiled a strong record of supporting pro-life legislation at every opportunity. He has co-sponsored over a dozen bills affirming the sanctity of life. His staff has been proactive in seeking input from constituents on issues that matter to pro-life voters.

At this crucial time when America is facing the policies and practices of Barack Obama, and his pro-abortion bullying, Billy Long is standing in the gap for Life. 

Billy's support of life-affirming legislation as the Ozarks' Congressman, his commitment in regards to protecting human embryos, and his resolve to walk beside pro-life Americans in our efforts to stop the abortion mandates in Obamacare are solid reasons to ask Southwest Missourians to once again stand behind Billy Long on August 7th.

Pro-Life Missourians understand the urgency of electing a congressman that values human life without regard to stage of dependency. Billy Long, like us, wants to see the federal government defund Planned Parenthood. Billy Long, like us, wants to see Roe V. Wade overturned. Billy Long, like us, wants to see the prospect of rationed care and "death panels" disappear - never to return. 

MRL-PAC welcomes Billy Long's commitment, his resolve, and his help in our efforts. We urge all 7th District Missourians to once again choose Billy Long for United States Congress. 


Busplunge said...

Billy Long, like us, wants to see the prospect of rationed care and "death panels" disappear - never to return.

Ah jeez..

Anonymous said...

Billy is like all Pro Lifers, every egg must be fertilized, get them here by all means. That's where the responsibility stops. Cut the WIC programs, cut the Food Stamps, vote against the Job Bill, and hope they will enlist in the military and they can be killed. The poor and less fortunate are set up for the opportunity to be killed in the military, with no jobs out there available.

Keep the tax cut for the rich, after all they provide jobs. Like hell they do, they have had these tax cuts for 12 years, where are the jobs that created?

Dave Spence, Brunner, etc. all know how to create jobs. Well, go do it, you don't have to be elected to create jobs. Lets see those jobs you can pull out of the hat.

If these yoyos get elected there will be so many jobs we will have to import workers to fill them.

No, probably not, but all that happy talk sure sounds good to them.
David Rust