Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Final message from Jay Nixon

(From the Jay Nixon campaign)

Today, the people of Missouri will decide the direction of our great state.  Polls just opened all across Missouri and I need you to get to your polling location and vote.
This election is not about the partisan bickering in Washington; it’s about everyday Missourians -- making sure they have jobs, a quality, affordable education for their kids, and that we can all, together, move Missouri forward.
Over the past four years, I’ve worked with Republicans and Democrats to balance our state budget, hold the line on taxes, and make record investments in education and job training.  As a result, Missouri’s unemployment rate is at a four-year low, businesses like Ford and GM are expanding, and we’re a top 10 state for small business growth.  
But to keep Missouri moving in the right direction, I need your help today.  
So go ahead and get out to the polls early. Missouri needs you.

Thanks for your support,
Gov. Jay Nixon

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