Monday, November 05, 2012

On last day, McCaskill barnstorms across Missouri

(From the Claire McCaskill campaign)

In the closing hours of the 2012 election, Claire McCaskill launched a statewide barnstorming tour, taking her across the state to thank enthusiastic supporters from Columbia and Springfield to Kansas City and St. Louis - reminding volunteers to keep up their record-setting “Get Out the Vote” efforts. At the stops, Claire once again drew clear contrasts between her continued record of fighting on behalf of Missouri’s families, and Todd Akin’s extreme positions that would harm Missouri’s working families. Each day, Claire’s campaign is launching thousands of volunteers on canvassing shifts from hundreds of staging locations statewide to turn out every single voter for the November 6 election.

"Now more than ever, Missouri’s families need a champion fighting on their side, for their values, in the U.S. Senate - and that’s why your work in these closing hours is so crucial,” McCaskill said. "We can’t leave any stone unturned - we need to get every single supporter out to the polls tomorrow. Because every single vote is another step toward protecting Social Security and Medicare, keeping affordable student loans, and protecting the minimum wage from extreme politicians like Todd Akin. So with the wind at our backs, we’re planning to leave nothing on the table and if you help re-elect me on November 6, I renew my promise to spend the next six years working tirelessly on the side of Missouri’s families."

With momentum growing across the state, Claire energized supporters at “Get Out the Vote” (GOTV) office stop-bys and events in Columbia, Springfield, and Kansas City. Claire will finish the night rallying enthusiastic supporters in St. Louis, ahead of tomorrow’s general election.

For months, the McCaskill for Missouri campaign and the Missouri Democratic Party have run a sweeping grassroots campaign with nearly 100 paid staff and 32 offices across the state, to reach voters in every community in Missouri, and contacting voters in every county. 

In the final four days before the polls close, the coordinated campaign will have made more than 1.5 million phone calls and knocked on more than one million doors to ensure victory on Tuesday night. In the months leading up to Election Day, the coordinated campaign will have made more than 5.7 million phone calls and knocked on 1.2 million doors. 

While Todd Akin has repeatedly revealed radical, fringe views on a large number of issues - including his unabashed support for privatizing Medicare and Social Security, eliminating federal student loans, abolishing the minimum wage, and ending the school lunch program - Claire has focused her campaign on protecting these crucial programs and promising to maintain her commonsense independence, to continue her efforts toward stronger accountability across government, and to keep up her fight for bipartisan compromise to achieve concrete results for Missouri’s families.

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