Monday, May 20, 2013

C. J. Huff: We're seeing various degrees of post-traumatic stress disorder

The Springfield News-Leader offered an update as the two-year anniversary of the May 22, 2011, Joplin Tornado approaches, including this assessment of Joplin schools from Superintendent C. J. Huff:

Four major school projects are rapidly moving forward, after six schools were destroyed and four more were substantially damaged.
"The tornado will forever be on our minds, but as a community, we're moving on," Superintendent C.J. Huff said.
Huff said the district remains focused on helping youths and families recover from the tornado, which killed seven Joplin students. Out of a school population of 7,600, Huff said, about 1,400 are receiving mental health care through the district.
"We're seeing various degrees of post-traumatic stress disorder," Huff said. "The older ones are better able to verbalize their concerns, while the younger ones are more likely to act out. Fear of storms is an ongoing challenge for some of our kids."

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