Friday, May 31, 2013

Huff gives emotional speech at Loveland, Colorado

Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff gave an emotional speech at the TedXFrontRange in Loveland, Colorado, earlier today:

Two years ago, Huff became a national figure after he declared days after a monster tornado tore through Joplin and ravaged 10 schools that the school year would start as scheduled Aug. 17. And it did.
A sign at a local car lot acknowledged the accomplishment and
C.J. Huff
thumbed the community's nose at the tornado: "Joplin Schools Made Mother Nature Look Like A Fool."
The tornado killed 161 people. "Seven of them were my children," he said, his voice choking with emotion.
Huff described his efforts -- even before the tornado struck -- to involve the community in solving the problems of a low-income city in a low-income state.
In a meeting of 150 community leaders, he realized the pastors were missing.
"I don't blame the faith community," he said in an interview after his talk. "It's the fault of the schools for not inviting them in."
A 1948 U.S. Supreme Court decision banning religious instruction by public schools had a chilling effect on churches' involvement in schools, he said.
So in Joplin, he arranged a special meeting with the city's faith leaders. A pastor stood up and said, "We can't be the voice of God in the schools, but we can be the hands of God."


Anonymous said...

Cue: enter Tammy Faye.

Anonymous said...

The attributes of a politician:
1. A solid record based on reorganizing, saving, or building a highly recognized and vital institution.
2. A perfect family.
3. A national or large following of devoted followers.
4. A polished speech that can be given with precision and appropriate emotion over and over like it's the first time every time
5. An unblemished record
6. A strong showing of faith
7. A strong ability to act a part
Is this Huff's plan for the future? Is this why he had to hold back no stops in order to discredit Turner? It would make sense. The record must be unblemished to provide a strong platform. Unfortunately, the truth is out now. Things aren't going well in R8, and it can't all be Dr. Besendorfer's fault. Does this make sense to anyone else? Is there another explanation? It's just a theory.

Anonymous said...

Is this inclusion of faith a new twist on his stump speech? I don't remember this being so stressed before. Was he playing to his audience, or is he taking a different tack to try and compensate for his less than saintly efforts to destroy the reputation of Mr. Turner? I don't think it will work with most people, but it might with some. Those skeletons in the closet just won't stay still.

Anonymous said...

That would explain the sudden, but quiet, decision to squelch the teacher unions by taking away representation. One more bragging point for the caped crusader.

Anonymous said...

Does he give any other kind?

Anonymous said...

This is the same man who blatantly slandered a teacher, using grotesque melodrama, just before his trip to Colorado, claiming that he was losing sleep worrying about the child victims (OF WHICH THERE WERE NONE!) and his thirteen year old daughter. And that he was, SURPRISINGLY, fighting to hold back tears just thinking of it. That is just bull crap. He's losing sleep trying to figure out how to salvage his reputation now that the truth is out. I would be too. I would hang my head in shame. How do you go out and tell us that you know best what our kids need to do in school, now that we know you are in it just to promote your career? Please step down and take the rest of your dog and pony show down the road with you. But stop trying to fool us with your waterworks routine. We've got your number now.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard this meeting described before?

So in Joplin, he arranged a special meeting with the city's faith leaders. A pastor stood up and said, "We can't be the voice of God in the schools, but we can be the hands of God."

If C.J. Hoff desires to be the next Michelle Rhee of education deform, then he already has his Teach for America in the Bright Futures Connections for Success. It is no wonder the TEDxFrontRange idea fest folks ate it up like sliced bread. Imagine watching the next Michelle Rhee perform live.

Look what others have already said. You can't beat hagiography like this:

Under Dr. Huff's leadership, the school district has developed the Bright Futures Program which provides a framework for providing the resources to meet the needs of students and staff. By engaging the faith-based, business, and human service organizations, the program has been able to effectively meet the need of any student in less than 24 hours.

This is shurely shome mishtake. The fact that it is not corrected perhaps means he thinks it is an appropriate claim to make. Or that he has failed to read his own press.

A cynical person might make some observations about a messiah and/or a martyr. The opposing forces to such good works (or anyone questioning either the aims or the accomplishments of such a miracle worker as C. J. Hoff) are probably obvious sermon fodder for some of these pastors who are apparently allied with C.J. Hoff.