Friday, May 24, 2013

Joplin R-8 Administration using taxpayer money to hunt down Turner Report commenters

Instead of concentrating on addressing the problems that Turner Report readers have noted in recent weeks, the Joplin R-8 School District has turned its technology department on this blog, spending taxpayer money to try to find the anonymous whistleblowers who have provided valuable information about things that the taxpayer need to know.

I have learned that the blog is being watched like a hawk nearly every minute by someone trying to come up with an IP address or anything that will enable them to trace the commenter and then exact punishment if that person is an R-8 employee.

How many tens of thousands of dollars are going to be spent with this foolishness? Are there any steps these people are not willing to take to intimidate and bully their employees and keep the taxpayers in the dark?

(Note: I have removed all statistics from the website and the ones that were there were only up for a short time before they disappeared.)


Anonymous said...

Surely no one would be so stupid as to comment from a school issued device.

Anonymous said...

well shoot then lets all make them work for it. i very well could work for the school district. and i guess i could very well not. Now off to the library i go for my next comment. i wander just how many pc are at the library all containing a different IP. Or i suppose i could just install a spoofer. hmmm ready set go!!!

Mr. Uneducated with a Diploma said...

As long as there wasting all this time and money. You would at least expect the school district to set up a job fair of sorts to fill all the openings there going to have to fill. In all these investigations there doing over some when it gets right down to it harmless blogs. Heck sir you should be proud your case might just turn this economy around with all the jobs that are going to be created.
News Flash folks. In good ol Joplin,MO there are ppl starving. Ppl homeless, Ppl that are disabled vets needing medical care. Heck i seen on facebook even the human society in need of supplies. use your imagination im sure this money could be better well spent. Let this man help you to better your school district not push him out of it. I mean really even if students did read something sexual explicit, can you honestly tell me it was worse than the porn they were watching online right after they finished there homework everynight because you didnt protect them. Or seriously do you set around the tv as a family each night wearing blindfolds? Or even better yet has the joplin school district ever took a fieldtrip or had a sporting event in lets say springfield? well hmmm i guess we should fire the bus drivers because they took I-44 and drove them children past adult book stores. Dont even get me started on FB, my space and texting. And just as bad if sometimes not worse walk into any walmart in the nation. And your bound to see something you hope your kids never have to see or hear. dream of the perfect world all you care to i suppose. I assure you though. they have seen it heard it dreamed about it and unfortunaly more than likely expierenced it.

Mr. Turner please feel free to proof read and make changes to all the mistakes in my spelling and punctuation. Because you see i didnt have a teacher like you in school that cared enough to TEACH ME.

yours truely,
Mr. Uneducated with a Diploma

Anonymous said...

I think CJ Huff was perusing your Facebook and blog last night on his cell phone and showing Shellie and they were writing down names...during the testimonies

What are they going to do when they find a tenured teacher ?
Or a loyal employee making comments against you ?
Or a student making comments ( darn - they already turned in computers )
Or a student's grandma ? Are they gonna target a grandma
Come on ... What ridiculousness R8

IP addresses

Anonymous said...

The Globe reported that "Turner was accused of tagging by name proportionally more girls than boys on his Facebook page by Klista Rader, director of information technology for the district. She said that “stood out as odd.”

Turner would later testify that he had never tagged anyone on his Facebook page."

Rader and Turner cannot both be right if both are using the same meaning to the word "tagged." Should this go to civil court, Rader would need to provide the evidence.

P.S. My IP address is

Anonymous said...

I did notice that after I began commenting the last couple of days that my fb page was followed by someone "in education" from Neosho who says they are now in California. I blocked them. I think they are are actively targeting all commentors in your favor.

Anonymous said...

Randy, This could be another book for you to write, titled Getting Mucked in IP Land.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joplin R-8 go ahead and investigate my IP I live in Springfield, you know the town who you much needed help after the tornado.

Anonymous said...

maybe she was feeling left out and lashed out because she hasn't been tagged. Thats the only thing that would make since. I mean it fits in with the rest of all this childish behavior that is going on with the school district.

The Observer said...

Read this Joplin R 8 school admin: I am convinced that school administrators are the worst bunch of power hungry free loading grifters in the world. You just want your way and your money. You are so easily offended. Grow up! Life is full of things we can't control and don't always like--and since we're not God that's a good thing. Be about helping teachers educate children, not about lining your own pockets and satisfying your sick need for power.

Don't bother tracing my IP address: I am a patron of Hickman Mills C-1 where we've had our own episodes of administrative manipulations as people seek riches and glory at the expense of kids and tax payers. And yes, your silliness has been noted up here in the big city.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone else noticed this during the hearing, but CJ Huff made reference to Mr. Turner as a "celebrity teacher" and talked about how Mr. Turner wrote about the Amazon rankings of his book and was "bragging" about them. I kept wondering why he was talking about those things, but since the HR woman dared to psychoanalyze the female students she interviewed and make accusations about Mr. Turner, let me offer this about CJ. I think he is jealous of Mr. Turner's accomplishments and the fact that in the educational community Mr. Turner is far more respected than C. J. The superintendent character in No Child Left Alive is a vain, pompous, egotistical man who is far more interested in appearances and publicity than he is in working. If Mr. Turner was basing that character on CJ Huff, he certainly should be credited for the accurate portrayal.

Anonymous said...

Hello Joplin R8.

Go spend a few hours reviewing the Popehat blog. in case your skills are as weak as some might suspect.

One could perhaps picture Joplin R8 as joining some select company as the star of a Popehat post.

Geoff Caldwell said...

So many "brave" anonymous commentators.
Huff and Co. certainly shot themselves in the foot with injecting innuendo and conjecture into the statement of charges but that in no way takes away from what was done and the policies violated.

Keith Garber said...

It took them years to get enough conjecture to get you. They can look me up rather quickly, and save my taxes too!

Anonymous said...

Normally I don't respond to critical posters, who obviously just do not get the anonymous on the internet thing. I will make an exception and the blog operator may delete it if he wants.

@Geoff Caldwell: anonymous because I choose not to invite or enable perpetrators of racist filth like this to visit me or the other places I participate.

"A Manhattan project type effort to propel us to the next level of cost effective, abundant energy here at home and not dependent upon turbin terds six thousand miles away who hate us and enviro-terds right in our own back yard who hate us."

That was posted under the name "Geoff Caldwell". The absolutely brilliant misspellings (for effect perhaps?) of turban and turd remind me of another post from last year. Sandra Fluke’s hypocrisy: refuses Limbaugh, promotes Media Matters, wherein both a Nazi reference and a George Orwell 1984 reference (or is it a North Korea reference?) is dropped to defend some loud rich guy (who, upon his return from a Dominican Republic stag party, was found concealing his Viagra, stay tuned for the Smoking Gun link); read for yourself:

"Fluke and her handlers want you to just forget all that stuff America.

Because to them the only thing that’s really important is that you join in the fake “war on women” and give Dear Leader another four years.

The only “war” being conducted today is by the left and it’s being waged against each and American who dares to “cling” to the belief that personal responsibility, individual liberty and our founding freedoms still mean something.

The Dems are really only interested in one question this year:

Hey America, just HOW DUMB ARE YOU?

Do go and review the whole thing to be sure that the above isn't just an anomaly in an otherwise well reasoned argument. No reason to actually bring the Goebbels reference here. It takes a lot of something to invoke Goebbels in some sort of twisted defense of the shameless misogynistic attacks of a self admitted Viagra concealer like Rush Limbaugh. It is enough to make one glad to be able spell turd the right way.

Oh, about the anonymous commenting and the founding fathers: Go to school here.

While I knew that the Founding Fathers were fond of cloaking their political commentary with pseudonyms, Infamous Scribblers filled in the detail by providing their bewildering variety. Hamilton like to employ a nom de plume that revealed what he regarded as his philosophical roots in classical Rome: Publius, Pacificus, Cattalus, Horatius, and Philo Camillus, for example. Newspaper publisher Benjamin Franklin displayed a mastery of evocative names such as Silence Dogood, Alice Addertongue, Fanny Mournful, Obadiah Plainman, and the delightful Busy Body. The champion in terms of sheer numbers appears to be John Adams, whose 25 or so pen names included Populus, An American, A Son of Liberty, and the vaguely Wrestlemaniacal “Vindex the Avenger”.

Randy said...

Geoff Caldwell, does it occur to you that the type of slurs and innuendo they made against me in a total effort to destroy my reputation is an excellent reason for the people who leave comments on this blog to leave them anonymously. There are stories about things that have been done to teachers and other employees and former employees (they also do not stop when you have left their employ) that make you wonder if there is anything of which they are not capable.