Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ed Martin: We will keep Obama from forcing gay marriage on us

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

The Missouri Republican Party issued the following statement Wednesday on the decisions released by the United States Supreme Court.
“While many may debate the outcome of the decision Wednesday by the U. S. Supreme Court, the Court did echo supporting the will of the people in their decision state by state. Missourians have already clearly spoken. Citizens of the Show Me State decided to make clear their stance on marriage and its definition in our State Constitution. We will continue to remain vigilant of this administration’s activism with regard to forcing policy upon states and organizations that have already made their positions clear,” said Ed Martin, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party.


Anonymous said...

Ed Martin is an idiot. President Obama did not 'force' gay marriage on anyone. If Ed doesn't like it then he shouldn't get gay married, no one is making him.

Unknown said...

Nope. Too late, Ed. Gay marriage is now mandatory. Go pick a husband or one will be appointed for you.

And you will NOT like who we pick for you.

Anonymous said...

Shotgun-style gay marriages for all. What an idiot. No one is forced into gay marriage. If you are uncomfortable with gay marriages or homosexuality in general, then accept that your discomfort is your problem and don't inflict your fear of new ideas on everyone else. Just stay in your little bitty white anglo straight protestant corner and let the rest of the world become more enlightened, please.
Women went to work and vote. Minorities have equal rights. The world is round and the universe does not revolve around it. This is just the latest attempt of humanity to get things right and fair. Broaden your horizons. Play nice. Quit judging people who do you no harm. Actually practice the teachings of your religion instead of sending people to eternal damnation based on your perspective of what the Eternal one wants.