Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Joplin Globe finally gets the story: Bruce Speck's out

Today's lead story in the print edition of the Joplin Globe was the firing/resignation of Missouri Southern State University President Bruce Speck.

Of course, regular Turner Report readers learned that two weeks ago today, when I printed the information in a story backed by three sources.

The Globe has been circling around the story for the past couple of weeks, pouring on one layer after another and if anyone did not think Bruce Speck was on his way out, they were not reading between the lines in the Globe story.

When the Board of Governors doesn't come out and say, "Of course, he is our president. Why would you even ask such a thing?" it is not a good sign for the university president's job longevity.

Globe reporter Emily Younker covered most of the bases in her story in today's paper, even though for the life of me, I cannot understand why she wrote the final paragraph in the article the way she did. (Or perhaps, someone edited it that way.)

It reads, "The proposal (to eliminate the international program) was halted by a local legislator who said he wanted to give MSSU officials more time to research potential financial consequences of eliminating the mission from the statute."

Was there any logical reason why it was a "local legislator" instead of simply naming Sen. Ron Richard?

At least, the Globe has the story now and the two-week wait is over.


Anonymous said...

are you critical of the globe and emily younker because they wrote about you being fired or are you just bitter bc you are unemployed?

Randy said...

Where have you been all of these years? I have been critical of the Globe for a long time. Emily Younker did a poor job on my story, whether that was her fault or the fault of an editor I don't know. I would have written this post the same way whatever my job situation. That brings up a question- Are you just an anonymous jerk or just a regular jerk who posts anonymously?

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the member of the oversight board, 'Dwarf'