Thursday, June 27, 2013

Teen bloggers: Huff's for hire, $8,000 a pop

Two of my favorite former East Middle School students, Joplin High School senior Laela Zaidi and junior Rylee Hartwell, have launched a new blog, Joplin Schools Watch with a solid piece of investigative reporting on the amount of money R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff makes when he delivers his speeches across the nation. The title, Huff's for Hire.

Leave them a comment if you like what they are doing and let them know you appreciate their work.


Anonymous said...

They are very courageous. I'm proud of them--teens who will actually speak up and insist on being heard. I hope they will always be honest and fair in their endeavors.

Good luck!!

Unknown said...

I am proud of the youth standing up and not being shut down. Keep up the spirit.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if R-8 has a conflict of interest policy? If so, what does it say about outside employment? Huff's speaker fee apparently varies depending on the location of the speech. Perhaps his speaking fee also includes travel related expenses? Hopefully there is a record to ensure that Huff reports those who pay him.

It seems to me that Mr. Huff is being paid to describe the tragedy and then the hard work during the recovery process which was mostly suffered and performed by others. How is this not a case of Huff profiting from his work, not to mention the work of his students and subordinates at R-8?

I hereby volunteer my availability to cry on command and describe the hard and apparently thankless work performed by others for slightly less than $8,000 (plus travel expenses) per performance. As I intend to stay somewhere like Holiday Inn Express soon, I must be at least as smart as Huff. Even if I'm not as brazen.

I predict that Huff will announce his departure to greener richer pastures within the year.