Friday, August 23, 2013

Court hearing for Bobby Bourne canceled the day Golden City girl disappeared

A court hearing for Bobby Don Bourne, 34, Lamar, scheduled for the day 12-year-old Adriaunna Horton of Golden City disappeared was canceled, according to online Dade County Circuit Court records.

The hearing, scheduled to be held in Judge James Bickel's court was to review Bourne's payments on the $1,039.50 fine he received May 7 when a felony assault charge involving beating an underage girl, a misdemeanor assault charge for hitting the girl's mother and a charge of endangering the welfare of a child were reduced to two misdemeanor assault charges. In addition to the fine, Bourne, who already had a checkered criminal record that included incidents of assault, DWI, unlawful use of a weapon, and violating a protection order, was sentenced to 60 days in jail, but was given credit for time served.

As noted earlier in the Turner Report, Bourne had already avoided being sent to prison for violating the probation on a 2008 conviction for felony tampering. Court records show Bourne admitted to assaulting a law enforcement officer and public intoxication. Despite the admissions, Bourne's probation, which had only a few months to go was continued at that point.

Less than a month later, Bourne assaulted the teenage girl and her mother, but never received prison time for violating his probation with those crimes because hearing were postponed and the judge for his case was changed until he had completed his probation.

Apparently, the cycle began again on May 7 when the attack on the girl and her mother was graded down to two misdemeanor charges and Bourne was given credit for time served.

All of those decisions combined to make Bobby Don Bourne a free man when he allegedly picked up Adriaunna Horton, the daughter of a man he had previously worked for at a part in Golden City.

Adriaunna's body was found the next day.


Anonymous said...

This is a sad sad deal for the family of this little girl. But it does not surprise about the lack of effort done by the courts or the laws on him getting away with all the previous things he has done. I my self lost a chiled do to a worthless pice of s&*^ that got away with a LOT of bad things in his past. He was a 3 time felon and still running the streets and was so much on drugs that he cause a massive car wreck Killing 5 innocent people in this wreck. A 9 month old baby, a 5 year old boy ( my son ) a 19 year old young man, his 19 year old girl friend and her 23 year old brother. And because we such amazing law system the guy only got 15 years for killing 5 people. We have a major flaw in our law system but a civilan we con do nothing abut it.

Anonymous said...

Start holding Judges more responsible for their lack of punishment. I mean really!! Isn't that what there job is?? Why should this creep have been given so many chances... the little girl sure wasn't given any!

Anonymous said...

Who was the judge in the several earlier cases? The gentleman or lady who was the presiding officer should get to be Mr.Bourne's cell mate for at least 30 days!

Anonymous said...

I know all these judges involved in these cases and they are useless. Especially Curless and Bickel who have no regards for the law on either side. It does not surpise me how these cases were handled and unless they move this case they will mess it up too. Curless is known for tampering with juries. This little girl deserves a fair trial where this guy will not walk because they choose to make mistakes and leave it open for appeal.

nn said...

While rapists and murderers are let free to roam the streets and to continue to commit these crimes over and over, while others are put in prison for lesser crimes. The system needs to change