Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rugged individualist Ed Emery takes nearly $3,400 in meals, gifts from lobbyists

In his latest newsletter, Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, hit on one of his favorite themes- how the U. S. is becoming a welfare state, full of chiselers who are working the system to get freebies they do not deserve.

Emery wrote of food stamp cheaters, though every study of food stamps that has ever taken place indicates the actual amount of those bilking the system on food stamps is an extremely small percentage.

Emery also sounded an ode to those who do not need a helping hand from the government, but are rugged individualists like himself who will make do on their own without big brother government getting involved.

This never-take-a-meal unless you have earned it philosophy does not appear to extend to Emery's relationships with lobbyists and special interests.

An examination of the last four years that Ed Emery served in either the Missouri State Senate or the House of Representatives indicates that Emery has received well over 100 free meals, amounting to $3,386.89.

He was even accepting meals from lobbyists in December 2012 when he was a senator-elect and had not even taken his seat, according to Missouri Ethics Commission records.

It is hard to understand how Emery can be so quick to criticize people who have no money and need a helping hand, while he is wining and dining at the expense of lobbyists.

Apparently, he doesn't see a problem with that. And that is the problem.

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