Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Missouri GOP: Nixon dishonest about HB 253

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

To highlight Gov. Jay Nixon’s blatant dishonesty regarding HB 253, The Missouri Republican Party launched a Top Ten list of excessive spending within the Nixon Administration.
“The governor has withheld money from the states most visible programs, including education. His arbitrary withholding highlights his willingness and arrogance to play games with the taxpayers. Missourians should be outraged with his distortions and outright dishonestly regarding a common sense approach to cutting taxes, said Ed Martin,” Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party.
“This Top Ten list is only the tip of the iceberg that is government waste and excess in Missouri. Since the governor wants to play games, we are more than willing to highlight the areas of government where spending can be reined in.”
The Missouri Republican Party is committed to the practice of sound, fiscally responsible government. Our majorities in both chambers of the legislature are the reinforcement of the conservative principles Missourians hold.
Gov. Jay Nixon’s Excessive Spending

1$16K for candy at Dept. of Mental Health
2 $250K for NFL Football expenses for Dept. of Revenue
3 $716K for food at Education meetings
4$1.6 million for “agency provided” food
5 $225 million in undisclosed state agency spending
6$1.6 million for travel for Education departments
7$26 million for travel across agencies
8 $13 million for “reserve postage” across agencies
9  $141K for “limousine services” at DESE
.  $5.6 million for new airplane for Department of Public Safety

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Anonymous said...

Wow, someone needs to do more research as the $250K in "football expenses" was actually for the Missouri lottery.