Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Joplin R-8 Board prepared to sign off on two contracts with no cost amounts listed

A long list of items is included on the consent agenda for tonight's 6 p.m. meeting of the Joplin R=8 Board of Education, including one that does not even have an amount attached to it.

According to the board documentation, Buildings Project Director Mike Johnson and Superintendent C. J. Huff signed off on a plan to award the contract for restoring the mall high school to the owner's specification.

Though the board documentation notes that bids were sought, it does not include any information about those bids or any information about the bid of the firm, Smith & Boucher Engineers, that Huff and Johnson are recommending:

Contract terms are currently being negotiated and will be finalized soon.

No other details are provided.

The mall school rehabilitation is not the only item the board is expected to approve without any financial information or without any discussion.

The consent agenda also includes funding for "Visible Learning" professional development with no cost given, only which funding areas the money will come from. Huff, Sarah Stevens, director of curriculum, and Jason Cravens, executive director of secondary education, signed off on the request.

Items that are put on the consent agenda are rarely discussed by the board, which passes them as a group rather than voting on each individual item.

In addition to the two items for which the board was not given any cost totals, the remainder of the items on the consent agenda cost more than $140,000.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's only money. And it's free!

Anonymous said...

I just hope CJ does not turn a sharp corner. If he does, Mike Johnson's nose will break.

Anonymous said...

Most people work in the public sector because they feel a calling to serve.

Mike Johnson does so due to his unmatched ignorance in the building trades, gross incompetence as a manager, and just sheer inability to function among adults.

No one in the private sector would tolerate his foolishness.

When his daddy CJ is no longer there to wipe his behind, he will quickly be ushered into a long overdue retirement.

Anonymous said...

They should have Mike Johnson as a guest speaker for all the kindergarten classes. He can jump up and down screaming, and throwing one of his infamous tantrums to show the little ones exactly how not to behave.

Anonymous said...

I love how they replace three assistant superintendents with twenty seven different positions: director of this, executive director of that, chief chili fry maker.