Thursday, October 30, 2014

Missouri GOP: Chris Koster has embarrassed Missouri

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

The Missouri Republican Party, issued the following statement today in response to the New York Times article surrounding allegations Chris Koster dropped investigations for campaign contributions:

“This investigation by the New York Times into the inappropriate and unethical actions of the Attorney General highlights one fact Missourians need to know – Chris Koster does not have the best interest of Missourians in mind," said Matt Wills, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party.

“Koster’s decisions are guided by nothing more than political convenience. I am not sure if it is incompetence or just gross misconduct by the Attorney General but one thing is sure, Missourians deserve the truth.”

“Just like Jay Nixon, Chris Koster has embarrassed Missouri and all but disqualified himself as candidate for governor in 2016. If true, his actions are an egregious violation of the trust of those who elected him as well as his oath of office.”

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