Tuesday, June 11, 2024

How well did your school district do on annual bus inspections?

(Note: This post has been corrected to add statistics for Webb City and Lockwood and correct Neosho's.)

Colonel Eric T. Olson, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, announced the results of the Driver and Vehicle Safety Division’s 2024 annual school bus inspection program today.

Following are results from districts in Jasper, Newton, McDonald, Barton and Dade counties, beginning with the number of buses, followed by the percentage that passed, the percentage that were defective and the percentage that were out of commission. 

Jasper County

Avilla 5- 100 percent passed
Carl Junction 50- 100 percent passed
Carthage 54 90.7- 9.3
Jasper 9- 77.8- 22.2
Joplin 72- 94.4- 5.6
Sarcoxie 14- 92.9- 7.1
Webb City 48- 91.7- 6.3- 2.1

Newton County

Diamond 15- 100 percent passed
East Newton 30- 100 percent passed
Neosho 57- 96.5- 3.5
Seneca 24- 95.8- 4.2
Westview 2- 100 percent passed

McDonald County

McDonald County 60- 90- 6.7- 3.3

Barton County

Golden City 7- 100 percent passed
Lamar 19- 84.2- 10.5- 5.3
Liberal 12- 75.0- 25.0

Dade County

Dadeville 7- 85.7- 14.3
Everton 5- 60.0- 20.0- 20.0
Greenfield 9- 55.6- 11.1- 33.3
Lockwood 7- 85.7- 0.0- 14.3


Anonymous said...

Wondering where the results are for Webb City. Also notice a typo for the results of Neosho. The total between pass and failed is 100.7%. 🙃

Randy said...

Thanks for catching that. I simply left off Webb City accidentally and when I checked my notes for Neosho, I had the Seneca total written below it, somehow used it and neglected to carefully double check it. I have made the corrections and I will do better in the future.

Anonymous said...

The Families and Students appreciate that someone is actually reporting on something that may seem trivial but is so important for the Safety and Welfare of those Students.

Anonymous said...

@8:30 Agreed. Yes, Thank you Mr. Turner!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your work and dedication. We all make mistakes, thank you for correctioning it. I absolutely love the Turner report btw. I look forward to my early morning read. (I am the person that made the comment above)