Thursday, June 20, 2024

Four children removed from pregnant Joplin woman's home after she is accused of smacking 8-year-old with spatula

A Joplin woman was charged with felony child abuse after allegedly smacking her 8-year-old son with a spatula.

The boy and three other children were removed from the home of Nicole Lee Watkins (DOB 1983), according to the probable cause statement.

A hotline call led Jasper County deputies to investigate a report that the 8-year-old had been abused.

From the probable cause statement:

During the initial part of the forensic interview, VICTIM #1 disclosed after coming home from his friend’s house on Friday, he lost his glasses, and his mom smacked him “right here,” pointing to the corner of his right eye where a mark/bruising is located. 

{He}disclosed Nicole smacked him “very hard with a spatula” and described the spatula as flat and plastic with the color being black and silver and part of it is “bendy” with the rest of his being metal. 

A “Child Physical Abuse Forensic Examination” was conducted on VICTIM #1 by a certified family nurse Practitioner and documented within her “Narrative of findings” section within her report states,” Currently patient has a patterned bruised forming in this area. His disclosure and current exam is consistent with physical abuse.

Deputies were unable to interview Watkins because she was in contact with her attorney, the probable cause statement said. Watkins was not taken into custody because she is "late-term" pregnant.


Anonymous said...

They removed 4 the state can put them in a better situation, right?
Folk's, articles like this one make me sick. Children can say whatever they want and the school, I mean sheriff, ohh the children's center and DSS can ruin a family and a parent's life.
In one accusation!

I hope all involved comes out ok! kids, mom and new baby!

Anonymous said...

You’re right kids can say anything, but if you read the article thoroughly it’s an 8 year old boy stating what happened where a nurse and other officials examined him and saw the bruising!!!!!

Anonymous said...

702 must have been on the receiving end of a hotline call. Beating and neglecting your kids isn't acceptable in the 2020s 702. Evidently 702 comes from the 1940's when beating your kids into submission was an acceptable parental right.

Anonymous said...

Read this 618 and take to heart, and by the way, you're not the professional doing the examination because if you were, you would seek out "patterned bruised areas" taken with other statements and by your clinical training and personal experience, you could align the information to make the case to provide safety to the child. Oh ye of little faith... in your case even trusting an 8yo who voice and wellbeing does matter.

Anonymous said...

Hitting and Beating a Child is not the answer to discipline or your own personal anger issues or life choices. Step back, calm down and try to use rational thinking and not exerting your physical anger onto a child - of course a lot of parents believe that was how they were raised / disciplined so it must be good enough for their child, the problem is that it just creates another generation of individuals using - hitting, beating, and verbal abuse - to solve their own problems.  

Children are a gift, not to be abused, because you do not have self-control of your life.

Anonymous said...

702 has no idea what really happens out there. Stay in your safe little world 702 because you don't want to know.

Anonymous said...

720 we ain't your folks

Anonymous said...

Children need guidance and direction in this case smacking him was wrong im a 63 yearold and i lose my glasses you get busy and forget where you laid them this parent was wrong should have helped him retrace steps and tried to find them they have a bottom to be swatted

Anonymous said...

Again abuse in any form is abuse and continues a cycle and pattern of abuse. Simple enough for most to understand!

Anonymous said...

We have all these good doers that has created adults that dont know how to follow simple instructions they were taught you dont have to respect anything or anyone this can be done with teaching and guidance to respect there property and respect people we have a society of non respectful people

Anonymous said...

454= redneck sarcasm to be funny, or a straight oration?

Anonymous said...

We are experiencing the results of not punishing our children with spanking etc. Weak minds weak bodies, need their parents assistance because they have never experienced anything bad.
Real people will understand what I’m talking about, but the clowns will make the most noise, just like usual.

Randy said...

I don't want to pick on commenters because that is beginning to be a problem again with people trying to see how far they can push the limit. I don't believe Anonymous 2:33 was doing that, but I am still going to use the comment as an example.

In the first paragraph, the commenter made the point and made it well.

That was all that was needed.

The second paragraph was an unnecessary cheap shot that weakened the point. I understand that it feels good when it is written, but if the goal is to add to the conversation, then that goal wasn't reached.

Again, there are comments I am receiving that are far worse, most of which are not published. I picked on this one because the comment was a good one ... until it wasn't.

Anonymous said...

I contest to the fact she would punch that little boy in the head. She is very mentally and physically abusive to all of her children.

Anonymous said...

Too bad it's true. I'm an eye witness. She beat that child relentlessly.