Sunday, November 25, 2012

Joplin developer: I hate bloggers

In this 2008 interview, David Wallace of Wallace Bajjali, the firm that has proposed a nearly $800 million development package for the city of Joplin, talks about his book One Nation Under Blog, and how much he hates those slimy, smarmy bloggers who thwarted his political ambition.

Why, Wallace even insists in his book and in this interview, that if bloggers had been around when this country began, George Washington would never have been president.


Anonymous said...

Look at the committee that selected the master developer and who is now working for that master developer.

Anonymous said...

I was not in favor of the City of Joplin hiring a master developer to oversee the rebuilding effort and remain convinced that this move will ultimately be shown to have been a bad one.

Anonymous said...

This asinine company that promised to "NEVER" initiate eminent domain is now getting Four State Homes to initiate it for them. Life long residents of Joplin are being forced out of their homes. Why does no one want to live in Joplin? Not because of a tornado, but because of the regime of greed that has taken the tornado card and played it to the hilt! If you want to stop this, please contact Ben Rosenberg!