Friday, April 05, 2024

Allegation: Carthage man beat woman, left her with traumatic brain injury

The Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney's office filed assault and tampering with a victim in a felony prosecution charge against a Carthage man today.

The charges were filed due to a beating Michael Bryan Markham (DOB 1981) allegedly administered to a Reeds woman March 29.

A second man, Adam Eugene Morris (DOB 1982), Reeds, is also charged with tampering with a victim.

From Markham's probable cause statement:

On 03/30/2024, at 0029 hours, I, Deputy Eric Travis #354, and Deputy Roberto Morales #341 responded to the Carthage Mercy Hospital, located at 3125 Dr. Russell Smith Way, Carthage, Jasper County, MO, referencing a past tense assault that occurred near an address in Reeds, Jasper County, MO. 

Investigation showed that Michael Markham struck the victim on the head with his fist, causing injury that required medical attention. The injuries were severe enough that doctors advised the victim that she would have long term treatment as a result of the injury. 

The injuries to the victim were listed as an acute concussion, traumatic brain injury with long term treatment and a closed head injury. 

Prior to the assault, the suspect also stole the victim’s phone to prevent the victim from calling law enforcement or help

The probable cause statement in Morris' case, said he took the alleged victim's phone and keys after the assault. She followed him into the house to get the items, but Morris asked her if she was going to call the police. When she said yes, Morris blocked the exit to keep her from leaving.

Later Adam started drinking and laid the items down on a table where the victim was able to grab her keys and phone and escape.

The case was investigated by the Jasper County Sheriff's Office. 


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Anonymous said...

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