Friday, April 05, 2024

Joplin man charged with furnishing pornographic material to ex-girlfriend's underage sister

A Joplin man was charged in Jasper County Circuit Court today with furnishing pornographic material to a minor.

Elijah Jordan Ward (DOB 1997) allegedly texted pornographic material to his former girlfriend's 16-year-old sister.

The Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney's office elected to file the charge as a misdemeanor. State law also offers a felony charge of furnishing pornographic material to a minor.

According to the probable cause statement, Ward sent two text messages to the 16-year-old. The first featured a photo of a woman's genital area with the words "Dre" and "Gucci" written on it.

The second text was a video of a woman snorting cocaine off a man's genital area then performing a sex act. 

Ward allegedly send a third text message saying, "This is how your sister really gets down."


Anonymous said...

What a piece of trash he is

Anonymous said...

Elijah Jordan Ward is a Sick Person and needs to be locked up, and then put on the National Registered Pedophile List the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

There is no National Registered Pedophile List.

It is the
Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website - NSOPW
which is administered by the Department of Justice.

Online at

Anonymous said...

1025 was horribly burned and humiliated on a story from 4/3 concerning sexual abuse. You would think further input on his behalf after suffering such personal embarrassment would limit his cringeworthy posts.
Let's hope all of further 1025 posts are as stale and simple as this one and not a long winded deplorable blathering of BS from the past.

Anonymous said...

5:14 Do you have any idea what you speak about. There is a National Sex Offender's List - PERIOD. It contains Pedophiles, Sexual Predators, and Offenders - Period. Shut Up - It's just Semantics.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever comment on the Articles 5:14, or just other commentors, Karen. Read the Article, Karen.

Anonymous said...

We are all waiting for any intelligent comment or concern from 5:14 on the innocent girl in the article. Please show some respect for her if you can!

Anonymous said...

1025, 656, you blithering idiot, your 5th grade reading level betrays you again. I said "keep it stale and simple". I also stated ,"no more deplorable long winded diatribes". What part of being a giant doucher do you not understand? You moron

Anonymous said...

7:55 is what is wrong with America, stop talking, telling, and criticizing others what to write and think, you just take care of what extremely limited and lack of information and content you have provided. Do you live you life always off topic, we can all tell?

Anonymous said...

Hey 7.55, can you keep your comments to your yourself. Everyone has asked you to comment on the stories, yet you cannot seem to do that, are you a giant narcissistic douche or what?

Anonymous said...

To 418 and 438: Let me make this simple so you understand. You're like a puppet on a string to me. I can make you mad, I can make you look utterly foolish, I can get you so stirred up over saying anything that goes against your small white trash world. You see 418 and 438, you're so gullible I can tell you I own you and you'll be unable to stop yourselves from an angry impulsive firing back that leaves us all seeing how deplorable and juvenile you really that.

Anonymous said...

Hey Randy,
I know you support free speech,freedom of the press,etc. but do you have to allow every comment that comes up for your review?
Angry, rude, disrespectful, off subject attacks are counter productive. How does printing "Anonymous said 5:52 am" comment make anything or anyone better for it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks 112, Point proven @552. Freedom of speech is a powerful and beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

Some commenters want to cancel the comments they don't like.

The strategies they use include labeling other comments as "off subject," "angry" or "disrespectful" for not being sympathetic to whomever they think has earned that, for whatever reason.

They are acting just like delicate hothouse flowers on a cold January day.

It's Turner Report, not BK!

Every comment published has been approved for publication!

These busybody gatekeeper complainers need to start their own blog, and only allow people's comments to say whatever they want at their own blog.

Don't bother to post the url, because there aren't enough minutes in the day!

If they don't want to go to all the trouble to have their own super popular blog, then perhaps they should find a safe place where everything they don't like has been canceled or drowned out by long repetitive screeds complete with lots of random capitalizations to MAGAnify their points.

They even apparently think Mr. Turner publishes all comments received.

Which, if you were paying attention, you would know is not the case.

Meanwhile, some comments advocate extrajudicial mob violence against accused perpetrators of alleged crimes who have not yet had their day in court. Apparently this type of activity is thought by these same complainers to support the victims in some sick way, and thus, not criticized by those busy trying to be the gatekeepers of comment.

Shame on the mess!

Anonymous said...

Well spoken 638. Completely agree.

Anonymous said...

5:52-Just Shut Up and continue to live your miserable life of annoying people, I am sure this is all a narcissist like you has going on in your life.

6:38-Victims should be given respect and sympathy, just because you want a platform to spew your political and hate filled vitriol, based on Freedom of Speech in the Anonymous Said arena, and hide from the consequences of such speech, but live like a little mouse hiding in the dark shadows, never showing your face, because you prefer anonymity and fear the world in which would find your words vulgar and disrespectful to the Victims their Families and Friends and who would directly confront you. Run and Hide Little Mouse. Abusing Innocent Children in any Form is a terrible thing and should not be used as a platform for your sick comments or critiques.

Anonymous said...

Thanks 519, Point proven again @552. Freedom of speech is a powerful and beautiful thing