Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Is this Newton County official a psychopath? "Eight" anonymous commenters think so

In what seems to be the most remarkable coincidence in the 21-year history of the Turner Report, eight anonymous comments (so far) have referred to Newton County Treasurer Gina Rodriguez and Recorder Jenny Childers (pictured left) as being "psychopathic."

Nine comments, including many of those terming the two psychopathic, also made mention of their "frivolous lawsuits."

The article detailed the latest development in the ongoing battle between the Newton County Commission and the two officials, a motion filed by Carthage attorney Bill Lasley on behalf of Childers asking Judge Dennis Rolf to find the commissioners in contempt for allegedly violating his June 15, 2022 order barring the commissioners from interfering with the discretionary funds for Childers' office.

The comments, which have arrived throughout the day, have attempted to portray Childers and Rodriguez as crazy ladies who sue other county officials at the drop of a hat.

Among the comments:

What kind of toxic tyrants do Rodriguez and Childers think they are. Hurting us taxpayers because they have to be psychopathic control freaks spending the tax money up big on frivolous lawsuits.

Boy oh boy, Rodriguez and Childers are just the narcissistic psychopaths of the courthouse always suing someone because they have to be toxic control freaks.

Thank you to the county commissioners for passing a banking resolution and delivering oversight for county funds. Those psychopathic ladies sure are control freaks. Rodriguez and Childers just reek of toxicity in the courthouse, vomiting hate and discontent. They got to go.

No wonder Otey retired. The toxic tyrannical psychopathic control freaks Rodriguez and Childers are always suing someone wasting the tax money. The toxicity in the courthouse definitely stems from Rodriguez and Childers.

Maybe the 2 psychopathic children in the courthouse Rodriguez and Childers are just big mad at the Commissioners for doing their job and following the state statutes, the law. So childish, they also hurt taxpayers for wasting tax money on this frivolous lawsuit. Rodriguez and Childers have got to go. Vote them out.

Maybe Rodriguez and Childers are suing to stop the change in depository, and stop oversight on all checks. Truly, they are psychopathic power hungry maniacs. Why don't they want a higher rate of return for Newton County tax dollars? Not only that, the 2 psychopaths in the courthouse are wasting the tax money on lawsuits.

If I were a suspicious person, I might think those comments were all written by the same person. I have no problems with people submitting multiple comments, especially when they offer different information or opinions in each of their comments.

I seriously doubt that Rodriguez and Childers are psychopathic, though the anonymous commenter seems to think that the more you repeat something, the better chance that someone will believe it.

As for all of these "frivolous lawsuits" Rodriguez and Childers have filed against the Newton County Commission, please tell me where they are.

The officeholders have only filed one lawsuit against the County Commission. That was filed four years ago. Two years later, a trial was held and the judge ruled in favor of Rodriguez and Childers. The action Childers filed last week was not a new lawsuit, but part of the same lawsuit. She claims the commissioners, after losing the lawsuit, have tried their best to get around the judge's decision and is asking that the judge find them in contempt.

One lawsuit.

I don't know for certain, but I would think psychopaths would have filed a couple of dozen lawsuits, or God help them, left a series of anonymous comments on a blog.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous? If they really believe what they are saying they should name themselves.

Anonymous said...

7:05 Says the anonymous post 🤣 which one are your Rodriguez or Childers

Anonymous said...

8 comments. With the passing of Kathy L. Wright commissioners Cook and Osborn must have each made 4 comments.

Anonymous said...

Frivolous lawsuits doesn't necessarily pertain to any one, or particular number of lawsuits. It's like when people say lawsuits are coming, they don't actually mean multiple lawsuits. That seems pretty simple to understand. Although, the Recorder and Treasurer have kept this going by filing a motion. It seems to me they are the ones wasting taxpayer money in this whole situation.

Anonymous said...

I worked in the courthouse a few years ago. Rodriguez is a manipulator and controlling person. She is a spoiled brat and has to have her way, so she intimidates and uses others. Randy, none of this is surprising and fairly accurate.

Anonymous said...

Who is Kathie L. Wright and why is a person that has passed still worrying other?

Anonymous said...

That sounds more like butt hurt Alan Cook and his minion Dave Osborn. Neither of the condescending to women commissioners will get to follow their hero Ben Baker to the statehouse.

Anonymous said...

If the Residents of Newton County do not like these Two, Why Not Just Vote them out of Office.

Anonymous said...

They aren’t the ones in contempt of a Judges ruling…..

Anonymous said...

This is great!! :)

Anonymous said...

If you look at Kelli Osborn's Facebook I think it is obvious that she is behind all of those comments and the Newton Countians for Ethical Government Facebook group. Literally uses the exact same wording on both platforms and the comments section of the Turner Report. The Osborns are obsessed with Rodriguez and Childers. Honestly, creepy. Be careful who you vote for...