Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Was it a Carthage City Council meeting or a Looney Tunes revival?

Carthage City Council's version of a Warner Brothers cartoon continued tonight with City Administrator Greg Dagnan in the role of Bugs Bunny and council member Tiffany Cossey personifying Elmer Fudd, except for the part about being "vewwy, vewwy quiet."

Cossey's quest to fire Dagnan continued as she made a motion for a special council meeting Monday, April 29 to change a city ordinance so she can get rid of Dagnan.

The council, by a 7-2 vote, fired Dagnan April 11, except it couldn't fire Dagnan because the city administrator can only be hired or fired by the council AND the mayor and Mayor Dan Rife wasn't having anything to do with it.

Though Cossey insisted the word AND meant AND when the hiring takes place, but means something totally different when it came to firing, Dagnan was still employed as of tonight.

So part of the special meeting will be so Cossey can see to it that the wascally city administrator can finally be shown the door with no ifs, ANDS or buts.

With so many special meetings recently, though, you have to wonder how long will be before none of them are really special.

During the council comment time, Cossey and fellow council members Alan Snow, Derek Peterson and Dustin Edge provided numbers of how many people contacted them since the last meeting and whether those people supported the firing of Dagnan and the impeachment of Rife.

All of them said there were far more people who approved their actions since the election.

Council member Lori Leece wondered why she was the only one who was questioning if it was worthwhile to upset the whole town and cost a lot of money to hire a lawyer to conduct the impeachment.

Cossey snapped back at her. "Are you finished?" and ended by explaining, "I am carrying out the will of my constituents."

Tonight's meeting also included an emotional goodbye from City Attorney Nate Dally, who noted that being Carthage's city attorney "meant more to me than just another job." This was "my hometown."

He offered praise for the heads of city departments he had worked with and said he was not leaving with bitterness, but that it was a huge relief.

His last day is May 10.

That's all, folks.


Anonymous said...

Like Ron White said:


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with you? You're usually spot on but your 180 out on this. Dagnan has been nothing but a festering sore on Carthage since woestman got rid of Veatch, an Uber qualified personable police captain whose reputation for honesty and crime fighting received national mention, and brought unqualified dagnan in, whose first act was to hasten the departure of veteran police officers.
Do your research! Jpd got rid of him because he was incompetent as a regular officer and definitely not supervisor qualified . Carthage citizens knew this and couldn't stand him from day one.
Now he got the ca job through the back door/illegally, and was stupid enough to try take out cwep leadership with rife, who never was the brightest bulb in the box either.
That's why dally bailed, to put distance between himself and the clueless duo before he was sanctioned or worse.
We finally elect some council members to clean this mess up, and what do you do? Make fun of them. Shame

Anonymous said...

What happened to my comment?

Anonymous said...

Joplin did not get rid of Dagnan because he was incompetent. He was a Detective who later moved to the Prosecutor's Office as their investigator. Dagnan then went to teach at MSSU before going to Carthage.

I worked cases in Carthage many times from Ellefesen to Dagnan. Dagnan brought order and discipline to department with a 1950's attitude towards policing. The officers that left needed to go. They weren't street cops. Nice guys but they'd rather shake a door than find a crook.

A few observations:
1. Cossey really should get some professional mental health assistance. There is something wrong with her.

2. They've obviously conspired for a long time to do this. Anyone who suggests otherwise really needs to set the bong down.

3. Very clear they've read a dictionary and learned the meaning of the word "and," so they want to focus on changing an ordinance to fire Dagnan

4. There's gonna be an embarrassing lawsuit and they're going to get deposed under oath and creamed. Hope they understand Cossey is a tax lawyer and is actually dumb on other laws. She needs disbarred after all of this settles.

5. Carthage citizens need to recall these idiots

6. Alan Snow isn't going to be Eastern Commissioner. He's lost all credibility.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Randy but I too am going to disagree. You’re showing a very biased opinion on this one. What has been happening under dagnan for years is heavy handed mob mentality. He has never been someone to respect or admire. Ask the trail of officers in every other police force that has worked with him. Rife is no better. They ruled with an iron fist until it got to the point they were too sloppy with their attempts to get rid of people and entire boards. Do better please. And Cossey wasn’t the one who asked if she was done, like your blog says. It was Shramm.

Anonymous said...

I deleted it.

Anonymous said...

Ok anonymous 🤡

Anonymous said...

Carthage - What Chit Show...

Anonymous said...

Right back at you Anonymous 🤡

Anonymous said...

Carthage - What a 💩 Show... 🤡🤡🤡

Anonymous said...

Carthage 👇 🚽

Anonymous said...

How do I delete someone else's comment?

There are a few that need to be gone!

Not studious- disrespectful. Saying things I don't want to read. The problem is clear!

Anonymous said...

David Dally Hired him as the investigator at the PA office and did so by hiring him away from the Joplin Police Department. We didn’t want him to go.

Anonymous said...

10:01AM-You cannot delete someone else's comments, you can ignore them, pretend not to read them, read the article and not the comments, or remove yourself from this Blog - Freedom of Speech - A can of worms once opened cannot be closed.

Anonymous said...

Sending bobble throated slapdicks to Jeff City and Washington DC wasn't enough for the local eedjits, just look at what they have elected to run Carthage.

Anonymous said...

They fell for a lie from a political action committee started by someone who has his freedom to lose if convicted of stealing from the city. The PAC spent thousands of dollars on campaigns for candidates who would work towards firing key people in an effort to get their people in a position to drop the charges against him.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Carthage is full of corruption and Dan Rife is at the top. I don’t what personal vendetta you seem to have against Cossey, but she is right. Dan needs to go and has needed gone for a while. I don’t know how you take the man seriously when one of his major campaign promises is to stop bike lanes paid for with money from tornado relief. Get him out.

Anonymous said...

Randy your weird beef with Cossey really comes through in your writing, which I typically find pretty objective and fair.
I think it's clouding your ability to report on this accurately, because as someone who has no skin in this fight, I'm starting to feel that Rife/Dagnan/Daly have acted very suspiciously.