Friday, April 19, 2024

Joplin woman in petition to court: Please don't kill my pit bull puppies

If Nicole Letts, Joplin, wants to save the lives of her six pit bull puppies and two adult pit bulls, she's going to have to try another approach.

The Joplin woman's letter, which was filed Tuesday in Newton County Circuit Court and described in the court file as a petition, received a negative response from Judge Kevin Selby.

"Court reviews letter and takes no action as it is improperly filed," is the notation posted on the online court file, accompanied by Selby's initials, KLS.

Letts' dogs were taken by the Newton County Sheriff's Office after an April 9 biting incident, according to her letter, which is aimed at the sheriff's office and the Joplin Humane Society.

From the letter:

I am writing this letter because I would like to appeal the destruction of the six pit bulls that police took from my home with a warrant on 4/9/24.

One adult female, one adult male and four 5-month-old male puppies that we personally bottle fed since they were two days old.

I do not believe that any of my dogs deserve to be killed because although my two adult dogs were involved in an incident where someone got bit, they have been around many different people and {have been} very socialized their entire lives. Before this incident, {they have} never shown any signs of aggression.

My 5-month old puppies are absolutely innocent due to the fact they were in no way involved in the biting incident, therefore they should not have to suffer or be punished due to the adult dogs' bad behavior.

Letts said she had made changes to her property, including the addition of 200 feet of fencing, which she says would prevent the dogs from escaping into the wooded area behind her property, which they had done in the past.

Letts concluded her letter by saying, "Thank you so much for taking the time to read why I believe my dogs' lives matter."


Anonymous said...

So many of these folks have more dogs than they have sense! All I see are six, aggressive breed dogs looking to tear off a toddler's face. There are all the excuses, "not the breed it's the owner (sometimes true), loud noise, the kid moved too fast in his own yard, eye contact", all the bs. Keep our community safe and give those mongrels the needle.

Anonymous said...

Most dogs that do this sort of thing are wonderful loveable pups up to the point they kill a person.

Anonymous said...

Any dog is capable of biting and any breed is sometimes unpredictable. While I don't own pitbulls I have in the past and they never bit anyone nor were they ever aggressive. I absolutely believe that dogs much like people are a product of their environment. Sad that the animals pay the price when the owner isn't a responsible owner.

Anonymous said...

Selby is disinterested in saving the lives of small dogs or children. Pity Andrew Wood didn't bear him at the 2018 election.

Anonymous said...

Everyone wants to own a pet(s), but some people are not prepared to take care of them, have them spayed or neutered, trained, and socialize them properly. Some Communities have outlawed certain breeds of dogs and Apartments, HOA's, Etc., have started requiring you to have Pet Insurance if you have Pets to reduce the Liability problems if they would bite or injure anyone.

Anonymous said...

The judge says improperly filed but I don’t understand how? Can anyone answer that? Clearly she states it was the adult dogs that ultimately did the “biting incident” I’m also curious for what reasons the puppies were taken? Also there’s always 2 sides to a story y’all are quick to jump to blame the dog but who says the person that got bit didn’t initiate it by antagonizing/teasing the dogs?

Anonymous said...

Call the humane society and see what they say about the dogs In question, Unfortunately people have a problem with pitbulls because they don't like the breed. Does the humane society deem these dogs as vicious? They would be the ones to ask you think!

Anonymous said...

@ 9:44 What? Like the things I mentioned before? Eye contact, loud noise, toddler in his own yard? Do me a favor and Google "Pitbull Bingo Card" images. I bet you can fill out most of the card with your Dindu Dog, excuses. Because that poor "pibble" dindu nuffins!

Anonymous said...

The way you sound you think all dogs should be put down, Any dog will bite if provoked pitbull or not. People have bad days animals do also.