Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Statutory rape charge filed against Neosho elementary school counselor

An arrest warrant was issued today for Neosho South Elementary counselor Jacob Lee Oakes, 40, Neosho, after the Newton County Prosecuting Attorney's office filed a statutory rape charge against him.

Online Newton County Circuit Court records indicate Oakes is not yet in custody. His bond was set at $5,000.

The probable cause statement indicates Oakes had sex with the girl beginning in 2021 when he was 37 and she was 14. The girl's mother had left her at Oakes' home, while she was seeking medical treatment for one of the girl's siblings.

From the probable cause statement:

Vl disclosed that her mother left her in the care of Jacob Oakes and was gone seeking medical treatment for one of her siblings. Vl disclosed that Jacob Oakes called her into his bedroom located in rural Neosho MO in Newton County. 

Vl disclosed that Oakes started kissing her and they took their clothing off. Vl disclosed that they got into bed, and he {had sex with her.} {She} disclosed that after the sexual intercourse was over, she slept in Oakes' bed with him the rest of the night. 

{She} disclosed that this has happened several times since then including at least one time in 2024. {She} disclosed that every time Jacob Oakes would have sex with her it would be either in his house or on his property. 

 I spoke to Vl 's mother and she told me that in the summertime of 2021 she did leave Vl with Jacob Oakes so she could take another child for a medical treatment. 

I have made several attempts to get a statement from Jacob Oakes and he will not meet with me to get a statement from him. I have talked to two separate witnesses that told me that Vl was on the phone with Jacob Oakes and the phone was on speaker. Both witnesses told me that they heard Jacob Oaks tell Vl that if she came back to him that he would stop the "sexual stuff." 

Before he became South Elementary School counselor, Oakes was a high school counselor and choir teacher.

The Neosho R-5 School District placed Oakes on paid administrative leave in late March.

More information can be found at the link below.

The Turner Report: Neosho R-5 counselor placed on leave as investigation continues into possible crime involving children (


Anonymous said...

$5,000 code he will be out with $500. Won't even spend a full night in jail.

Anonymous said...

It's who knows who.....

Anonymous said...

Be curious to know all said and done if he gets more time than if it was an older woman and a teen boy.

Anonymous said...

It's crazy how recently another person who raped a minor in this area got no bond options (as he should), but this guy only has to pay $500.