Monday, April 08, 2024

Allegation: Carl Junction man beat pregnant girlfriend

A Carl Junction man is free on a $7,500 surety bond after being charged with beating his pregnant girlfriend.

The allegation against Brett M. Bowman-Bassett is not the first run-in he has had with the law, according to the probable cause statement, which notes that he is currently on parole for domestic assault.

The alleged assault occurred Saturday at a home in Carl Junction with Bowman-Bassett, upset because he believed the woman was talking with other men, demanded that she give him her phone.

The encounter, which was captured on the phone, began with Bowman-Bassett saying, "Give me your f--king phone before I knock you the f--k out. Now, before I actually hurt you." The woman tried to leave, but Bowman-Bassett said she couldn't unless she gave him the phone.

From the probable cause statement:

Throughout the recording, Brett threatened Victim 1. Brett believed that she was talking to a guy on Facebook and claimed that was cheating. Victim I denied talking to the man on Facebook.

Brett then said, "Bro, if you f--king lie to me that is going to be a problem."
After that, Bowman-Bassett continued with the obscenities, threatening the man he claimed was talking with the woman and referring to him with racial epithets.

Shortly after that statement, Victim 1 yelled, "Get your hands off me." You cannot see in the recording what happened, but the audio was clear.

During his interview with the Carl Junction Police Department, Bowman-Bassett denied hitting the woman, said she was acting "toxic" and claimed the woman hit him. The probable cause statement noted there were no marks where Bowman-Bassett claimed he was hit.

Brett claimed he believed {she} was cheating because she had male friends on Facebook.

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