Wednesday, April 17, 2024

State auditor's investigation of Carthage finds City Charter violations, but no fraud or corruption

(Correction: The post originally said Dagnan's firing violated the city charter and code. The audit report found that it did not.)

An investigative report by the Missouri state auditor's office found no problems with the way Carthage city officials handled last year's removal of the Carthage Water and Electric Board (it was subsequently reinstated), or with the way Mayor Dan Rife scuttled a proposal to buy Precious Moments property.

The report also found that the original hiring of Greg Dagnan as assistant city administrator and later as city administrator did not violate the City Charter and Code.

In its conclusion the report said, "Our review of the above complaints found no indication of fraud or corruption."

The report said that potential instances of non-compliance with city charter and city code had been found, including Dagnan's hiring, that would be reviewed if taxpayers asked for a full audit.

The complete report is included with this post.

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