Tuesday, April 16, 2024

City of Joplin hires former KY3 newsman as director of communications and marketing

(From the City of Joplin)

The City of Joplin is announcing the hiring of Drew Douglas as its first-ever Director of Communications and Marketing. Douglas will begin his new role with Joplin on April 22.

He will be tasked with building and leading a robust Communications & Marketing Department for the City. The role will oversee planning, coordination, and management of all activities of the City’s public information, civic engagement, media relations, and marketing efforts.

Douglas has served the City of Nixa since January 2017 as its Public Information Officer and Director of Communications. There, he led Nixa to expand proactive communications, government transparency, and internal communications efforts; facilitated public engagement programs, including strategic planning; won awards for video production; and coordinated a major rebranding and website redesign.

Prior to Nixa, Douglas was a journalist with KY3 in Springfield, WOAI in San Antonio, and KWTX in Waco, Texas. He currently serves as President of the Southwest Missouri Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, was named to the Springfield Business Journal’s 2024 “40 Under 40” class and graduated from Baylor University.

“It is critically important to communicate and engage with the community so there is a shared understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing our great City,” said City Manager Nick Edwards. 

“Combating misinformation, conspiracy theories, and proactively communicating with every resident and business owner is essential for the health and long-term future of the community. Investing in greater communication will help enhance transparency and delivery of public services while marketing the community will help create a thriving environment full of opportunities. 

"During the interview process, it was easy to see Drew’s experience and the many ways he could improve communication for the City of Joplin. Drew’s leadership and experience will certainly benefit the City of Joplin and the broader community.”

During his tenure in Nixa, he helped lead the redevelopment of a city website, assisted in communicating the progress of strategic plans, and worked to communicate financial reports more effectively. 

 Douglas has served in leadership roles and is currently serving as President of the Southwest Missouri Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), and is a member of Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) and Government Social Media Organization (GSMO).

“I am honored and thrilled to have the opportunity to join Joplin’s team of incredible public servants, proud to work alongside Lynn Onstot as we expand the communications and marketing department, and eager to build trust with the community,” said Douglas. “The mission of this department will be to serve the community through transparency, proactively keeping people in the loop, fostering constructive dialogues, and marketing Joplin effectively. We strive to empower people to make well-informed decisions for their families by enhancing their understanding of local government and connecting them with activities, services, and programs in the community and their neighborhoods.”


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, a position whose sole job is to snow the public. Tax money well spent , as always!

Anonymous said...

What cracks me up, is that Joplin has had a PIO/Public Information Officer for years, but no one realizes this because she was terrible at her job. Single most over compensated City Employee ever and no one knows she exists. Wonder if she is still there and/or if the new guy will be her boss.

Anonymous said...

I spent 2 decades in media. When I started, you literally called to the city/county dept leader and interviewed them. They were the experts on the subject. Then a few badly framed interviews or answers pushed the few cities with PIO/PR people to rapidly expand to smaller cities. It’s part of creep of government growth and Joplin doesn’t need either position.

Anonymous said...

Sincere question, it’s been pointed out the city already has a director of communication and to the best of my knowledge also has a department with a $1.2-$1.3 million dollar budget for marketing the city “to potential visitors” so what exactly is this new position communicating or marketing that was not being done by existing resources?
The chamber supposedly has a contract with the city to conduct economic development marketing?
Tourism and economic development are absolutely important and go hand in hand, but I don’t understand what and who is being targeted with this marketing effort?
New residents? New employees?

Anonymous said...

Get a job loser

Anonymous said...

Joplin needs a clinic to treat craniorectal inversion syndrome. The need has been obvious, but the situation is getting worse with each passing day!

Anonymous said...

Cost? 100K$? hire more police instead.
Job seems to be a flack for Nick Edwards and to advocate for more property taxes in the August vote coming up.