Sunday, April 17, 2005

Can anyone tell me if The Joplin Globe ever got around to mentioning the awards its reporters won in the annual Associated Press Managing Editors' Writing Contest earlier this month?
Though I know a lot of people in the media read this blog and are aware of the awards the Globe reporter won for fine work during the 2004 calendar year, unfortunately the general public at large does not know about it.
Of course, The Globe may have run something and I just didn't notice it.
Sorting through some old papers and throwing them away, I noticed an obituary in the April 6 Lamar Democrat for Jake McFarland, who was Lamar High School principal when I was sports editor at the Democrat in 1978. Again, this is one of those deaths that probably should have received notice on page one, even if in just a small area at the bottom of the page. For the better part of a decade, McFarland held a prominent public position in a small town. Proper treatment of stories about death is a key ingredient for success for a small-town newspaper.

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