Thursday, April 14, 2005

I don't know when it was done, but I like the change that has been made on KSNF's homepage. While most stations just show the anchors on the 5,6, and 10 p.m. news on their homepages, KSN has given equal prominence across the top of the page to news anchors Jim Jackson and Tiffany Alaniz, weatherman Gary Bandy, sportscaster Eric Knecht, the legendary Carol Parker, plus staff stalwarts Courtney Cullor and Brad Douglas.
KSN's sister station KODE, on the other hand does not show any of its 5, 6, and 10 p.m. news team on the home page, though there is a small photo of the morning hosts.
No photos of the 9 p.m. newscast, the only one the station does, are on KFJX's homepage.
KOAM also has prominent photos of 5, 6, and 10 p.m. anchors Dowe Quick and Rhonda Justice, weatherman Doug Heady, and sports guy Chad Plein, and morning show co-hosts Sarah Pierik and Dave Pylant.
One of the biggest strengths of the KSN news team is that it has always projected the feel of a group of people you wouldn't mind inviting into your home. Jim Jackson has been a regular visitor in area homes for more than two decades and Tiffany Alaniz has been his best co-anchor (and that includes Sherri Sanders). Gary Bandy has also been a familiar face on area television, having worked the morning shows at both KODE and KSN before being moved to his present primetime slot. The camaraderie Ms. Alaniz and Bandy had during their days as morning show co-hosts has transferred seamlessly to the more serious evening newscast, while Jackson has always worked well onscreen with anyone they have put with him.
KSN's neighborly feeling is not just limited to its anchors, as the continued (and welcome) presence of Douglas and Ms. Parker indicates.
A particularly impressive new face on the scene (and that is not meant to be a reference to her looks, but to her skills) has been Toni Valliere, who does the weekend weather, and has filled in numerous times on weekdays. She seemed comfortable right from the start and has a rather infectious enthusiasm. She works well with Courtney Cullor on the weekend newscasts.
I might as well complete KSN's news programming. While the morning show has never returned to the quality it had while Ms. Alaniz and Bandy were co-hosts, and I haven't seen the show much lately since I usually do not have the inclination to hook up the antenna in the morning, I am finally over my initial doubts about Anna Jensen. I will admit that the first two weeks she was on the air, I cringed every time I heard her read the news, but she has obviously worked hard and continues to get better with each outing.
Pairing two youngsters is always a dangerous idea, but if it used as a training ground for talent for the station, as KSN did with Ms. Alaniz and Bandy and KODE did with Malorie Maddox. I would like to see Lucas McDonald get a shot at a more prominent role at the station. It would be a shame to let another talented young person have to move to another market. (Though as I recall, that Brian Williams kid did all right.)

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Anonymous said... of all people know that Tiffany Alaniz is NOT that talented!!!