Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Nexstar Broadcasting COO Duane Lammers claims that a mass exodus of viewers have left Cable One in Joplin and have switched to satellite dishes.
In the first 100 days after Nexstar pulled KSNF and KODE from Cable One, the cable firm lost 20 percent of its customers, Lammers told Radio and Television Business Review.
"We are working very closely with Dish Network, as they offer local into local in all of our affected markets except San Angelo (and dish delivery of local programming is expected soon there, as well)," Lammers told the Review. "We can confirm a significant jump in satellite conversions in each of the affected markets."
Lammers said Joplin led all of its markets in conversion to satellite.

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Anonymous said...

Lammers didn't tell you that their stations have lost more than 20% of their viewers and their stock has gone from $14 to $5.58 per share. No wonder they want to be paid by cable...they can't run a business.