Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt's sister has registered as a lobbyist, according to KYTV-3 in Springfield.
Amy Blunt has registered with the Missouri Ethics Commission to represent Diagnostic Imaging Centers of Kansas City. Brother Andy is also a lobbyist, representing a number of companies, including Phillip Morris and Southwestern Bell (SBC).
The hit-and-run accident that killed Joplin High School student Jamison Alexander received considerable publicity at the time it happened, and rightfully so. This blog has made every effort to keep up with developments in the case. Earlier today, the results of Travis Wyrick's preliminary hearing were featured. Obviously, I had no detail of what happened in the court. I fully expected to read that in the Thursday morning Joplin Globe.
Apparently, judging from the brief article that will be in the Thursday Globe, Globe editors were either caught off guard by the hearing and didn't know it had taken place until after the fact, or they did not think it was important enough to assign a reporter.
The bare-bones story indicates the Globe information came from the same source I used, the Jasper County Circuit Court information on, plus information from previous Globe stories.
Readers have the right to expect more.

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