Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Live with Tiffany and Chuck

If you're a news show, you don't need guest hosts.
If you are an entertainment show, it may not be a bad idea.
When you are not sure which you are, as in KSNF's Live with Gary and Tiffany, I guess you just go with the flow.
Today's guest host on KSNF's program was Pittsburg State University football coach Chuck Broyles. It wouldn't be fair to compare him with a professional who does the job everyday so I won't, but I will say it made me appreciate the contributions of Gary Bandy.
I suppose there are many advantages to sharing a news director and footage, but there is a downside, too, as KSNF and KODE discovered today in their coverage of Governor Matt Blunt's visit to EaglePicher in Joplin for a ceremonial signing of a jobs bill. Rep. Ron Richard, R-Joplin has been in the state legislature for two terms, is a former mayor of Joplin, and a prominent businessman. I cringed when I noticed the graphics at the bottom of the screen as he was being interviewed (on both stations) referred to him as Ron Richards.

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