Thursday, August 25, 2005

AP reports judge blocks Internet access law

A law requiring the removal of addresses and telephone numbers of public officials from the Internet will not go into effect Aug. 28 as scheduled.
According to Associated Press, Cole County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Brown issued a temporary restraining order Wednesday, along with a preliminary and permanent injunction. A hearing was scheduled for this afternoon.
This law, which essentially said that public officials should not be accessible to the people who pay their salaries, would have resulted in the removal of nearly all public information from the internet since there would be little way officials could tell who is a public official and who is not.
Instead of vetoing the law, Governor Matt Blunt signed it, then told government officials responsible for placing these items on the Internet to ignore it, something many of them did not feel comfortable doing. The governor asked the state legislature to fix the problem with the law during the upcoming special session.

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