Friday, August 19, 2005

DNR issues demand letter against RES

If Renewable Environmental Solutions (RES) does not solve its odor problem in Carthage by Sept. 5, its violations will be reported to the Missouri Air Conservation Commission.
Carthage residents are getting a bit tired of the hand-slapping being done by the DNR. Despite putting an office in Carthage and repeatedly earning headlines with its threats against the company, the odor remains and the only win Carthage residents had was that the company shut down its odor-creating apparatus for the Carthage Senior High School graduation and the annual Fourth of July Celebration.
The DNR press release says the company has been issued five Notices of Excess Emissions, with the first coming on March 31, followed by notices on April 15, April 20, June 10 and July 22. And remember, these notices came months after the odor problem began and only after the DNR consistently said it could not find anything wrong. The notices were not issued until Seventh District Congressman Roy Blunt took an active interest in April and passed along his concerns to his son, Governor Matt Blunt.
According to today's news release, "The demand letter offers RES an opportunity to discuss and negotiate an acceptable and reasonable resolution.The department documented the excess emissions during its ongoing investigation into odor complaints in the area surrounding the Carthage Industrial Bottoms. The department upgraded the five Notices of Excess Emissions to Notices of Violations after RES's documentation failed to justify the excess emissions.If the department and RES are unable to reach agreement or schedule a meeting by Sept. 5, 2005, negotiations will cease and the department will place the matter before the Missouri Air Conservation Commission. At that meeting, the department's Air Pollution Control Program will request authorization to refer RES's unresolved violations to the Attorney General's Office for appropriate legal action."
I suppose it's better years late than never.

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