Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Charles Nodler gives version of theater incident

In the Wednesday Joplin Globe's letters to the editor section, Charles Nodler gives his version of the July 22 confrontation between his brother, Sen. Gary Nodler, R-Joplin, and a 20-year-old caregiver at the Northstar Theater in Joplin. Nodler writes:

"I rarely write any opinion letters, I am responding to Max McCoy's recent article that sought my comments. I will give my recollection of this event. My brother (Missouri state Sen. Gary Nodler) and I went to a movie on my day off from work. We arrived just before the start of the movie.
"During the first 10 to 15 minutes of the film, there were continuous noise and distractions from the back of the theater. It was too loud to permit us to hear and enjoy the film. At this point, my brother said, 'Do you want to stay or leave?' I said I wanted to leave because I wasn't able to enjoy the film. There was a woman near the opposite door as we left the theater, my brother said to me that the noise was too loud.
"The young woman said, 'You should have either more compassion or consideration for these people.'
"My brother then said, 'Excuse me? It has nothing to do with compassion. The noise was preventing other people from being able to watch the film.'
"During this short exchange, the young woman used profanity, at which point we left. When we got to the lobby, a group of other patrons from the same film were asking for refunds. My brother confirmed to the manager that there was noise in the theater and that one person was using foul language. The manager asked him to point this person out. We did, and the manager then said he would monitor the film and if any more distractions occurred, the group would have to leave.
"When we exchanged our tickets, the cashier said that she had exchanged several for this movie. I was never contacted by anyone since the event happened to ask my recollections, even though I was the only witness to the entire event."


Anonymous said...

I thought they got in freem his brother says he exchanged his ticket. I guess I don't understand something here.

Two Cents said...

Hey, I'd probably back up my brother too, even if he was a self-centered, whining, egoist like Nodler (which he is NOT!). Read Nodler's bio on his own congressional website: he's never held a job other than as a political hack, although he ran a "consulting" firm while employed by legislators. How much different this could have played out is Nodler had just moved or left quietly; or had not used the "those people" comments to the powerless and disadvantaged after cutting their health care; or had donated his tickets and time (he has enough to go to a 2pm weekday movie). Nodler should learn modesty, for he has much to be modest about!

Anonymous said...

Again, why is the Globe only publishing letters from people with the last name of Nodler? Their website is filled with people speaking out about the incident, but for some strange reason, those letters aren't making it into the paper. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Jeez Louise, let is go people! This story is getting way too much ink.

Anonymous said...

Those letter are coming...