Thursday, August 25, 2005

Globe editorial board jumps into controversy

You have to hand it to the Joplin Globe Editorial Board. In Friday's edition, the board, which is the same panel that endorsed Roosevelt in 1944 because FDR was easier to spell than Dewey, will come out in favor of having children buckled up in cars.
Sensing that a rising tide of people who are leaving their kids unbuckled or strapping them to the roof, the Globe editorial says, "Parents, relatives, friends and acquaintances should make certain that a car doesn't move until children are safely buckled."
Reportedly, part of the original editorial was removed, One Editorial Board member said, "What are the odds of an accident happening if people leave their kids unprotected in the backseat?"
Another board member said, " Let's call Gary Nodler and see what he says about it."
Sources indicate the senator said, "If those kids can't behave themselves they shouldn't be allowed in backseats."
Other sources insist that never happened, so it appears to be just another he said/she said situation.
On tap for Saturday, The Globe Editorial Board examines the phenomenon of Paris Hilton. Editorial Page Editor Clair Goodwin in a personal column will write, "I checked into the Paris Hilton and the rooms were filthy."

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