Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Judge Dorr kicks Lindstedt lawsuit again

Accused child molester Martin Lindstedt lost again in federal court today.
For the umpteenth time, U. S. District Court Judge Richard Dorr said no to Lindstedt's lawsuit against Missouri Governor Matt Blunt. Lindstedt's motion for reconsideration "raises no new arguments or legal theories which have not been or could not have been raised at an earlier time," Dorr wrote. "Moreover, the motion does not introduce new evidence."
Dorr was far kinder considering the waste of time and money Lindstedt has been to the taxpayers. The perennial candidate, who has run for every office from U. S. Senator to dogcatcher, is currently staying in the Newton County Jail awaiting trial on felony statutory sodomy charges. Newton County Circuit Court Judge Kevin Selby also slapped him with 660 days in jail for contempt of court.
All through this, the avowed racist and alleged minister has continued his quixotic lawsuit against Blunt, whom he claims wrongfully kept him from using his nickname Martin "Mad Dog" Lindstedt on the ballot when he ran for the Republican nomination for governor in 2004. Blunt was Missouri secretary of state and was also running for the Republican gubernatorial nomination at the time. Lindstedt also said Blunt violated his rights when he refused to put a link to Lindstedt's garbage-filled website (a site which features one hateful, racist comment after another) on the Missouri secretary of state's website.
When he initially filed his lawsuit, Lindstedt asked that Blunt be forced to use the nickname Matt "Runt" Blunt on the November 2004 ballot. For some reason, the judge did not go along with this idea.
After Lindstedt's initial lawsuit was tossed out, he has tried multiple times to get the judge to overturn the decision, but he has not been exactly the sole of discretion in his efforts nor has he remained peaceful during his all-expenses paid stay in Newton County facilities.
In a letter last month to Neosho Forums, www.neoshoforums.com, Lindstedt said the actions taken against him by Newton County officials have made the county "a prime target for biological warfare."He also says, ".Â… "I don't build bombs. I build bombers. Not just one or two bombers. And not armed with just one little truck bomb. I build bombers who know how to make their own biological weaponry and who do not get caught."

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