Sunday, August 14, 2005

KIX 102.5 continues to top ratings

Zimmer Radio's KIX 102.5 continued its reign as the number one station in Joplin according to the just-released Arbitron ratings for Spring 2005, but the 10-point lead the station had over its nearest competitor has been cut down to size.
The latest survey shows KIX with a 12.8 rating, down from 18.4 in Fall 2004. Just as it did in the Fall 2004 survey, Zimmer had three of the top four stations, with KSYN, 92.5, holding down the number two position, and KXDG "Big Dog" 97.9 ranked fourth, the same as the three stations were ranked in the fall.
The big difference was in the number three slot. In the fall, the biggest success story was KQYX 1560 AM, which ranked third with its news talk format. KQYX nearly fell off the map this time, losing two-thirds of its audience, dropping from a 6.7 rating to 2.3.
The new number three was KKOW-AM 96.9, which jumped to that spot from ninth.
The rest of the rankings:
5. KMOQ 5.8, FFD Holdings
6. KBTN-FM 5.2, FFD Holdings
6. KJML-FM 5.2 FFD Holdings
8. KCAR-FM 3.5, FFD Holdings
8. KJMK-FM, 3.5 Zimmer
8. KMXL-FM 3.5 Ron Peterson
11. KDMO-AM 2.9 Ron Peterson
12. KIGL-FM 2.3 Clear Channel
12. KQYX-AM 2.3 FFD Holdings
12. KWXD-FM 2.3 Southeast Kansas Broadcasting Co.
15. KHST-FM 1.2 Southeast Kansas Broadcasting Co.
16. KKOW-AM 0.6 American Media Investments

Success stories in this cycle's ratings included:
-KMOQ-FM, 107.1 leapfrogged from 11th to 5th, and from 2.2 to 5.8 with its contemporary hits and pop format.
-KDMO-AM with its adult standards format improved its rating from 1.7 to 2.9
-KIGL-FM improved from 0.6 to 2.3 with a classic rock format

On the other end of the spectrum, the biggest drop was recorded by the top station, KIX 102.5, and it appears most of the listeners who left defected to KKOW-FM.

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