Sunday, August 14, 2005

Zimmer buys sixth radio station in Joplin

After years of having four FM stations and no AM stations, Zimmer Radio has suddenly jumped wholeheartedly into AM radio.
Last week, it was announced that Zimmer had purchased 1230 AM, KWAS, from Larry Rice for $300,000. According to Radio and Records, Zimmer now owns 1310 KOCR, formerly KFSB, a 5,000 watt station, from Ozark Christian College for $350,100.
Speculation is that one station will be a sports talk station while the other will opt for a news talk format.
Zimmer already owns three of the four most popular stations in Joplin, FM stations KIX 102.5, KSYN 92.5 and Big Dog 97.9. It owns 17 stations overall.

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