Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hearing for murder victim's widow delayed

A hearing in the marijuana possession case against Rebecca Kullie, 40, Lamar, originally scheduled for today has been rescheduled for Sept. 14, according to Barton County Circuit Court records.
Mrs. Kullie, is the widow of Jim John Kullie, who was allegedly beaten to death with a tire iron by Mrs. Kullie's brother, Jim Edward Ryan. Ryan, 42, Lamar, faces murder charges in Cedar County Circuit Court, where the trial will be held on a change of venue from Barton County.


Anonymous said...

I would like to say that john kullies name does not start as jim his name is john kullie not jim john kullie if you are going to write about some one you dont know than the least you can do is get the dam name right, and the law needs to be looking into johnnie lee ryan as haveing a part in this and mrs. kullie is not out of that little circle by a long shot, what thay did to john was so wrong but it is not just jim edward ryan that the law needs to look at wife and step brother need to be checked also thay will finde out that it is not only jim ryan,

Anonymous said...

If you have such information then why don't you come forward with it rather than setting around posting this or that! Jim Ryan is a persistent insect on society's back and it is so NOT beyond him to do something like this. My name is Craig Gresham and he attempted to murder my dad in March of 1986 -- and let me add he was a blind man of 64 years of age with no capabilities to know what hit him (which was a black iron skillet) or ability to defend himself. He then proceeded to stab him 72 times, broke two stocks (one off a shotgun and one from a 30/30) over my dad as well -- yet my dad lived through this after the monster left him for dead. He did all this to him for 80 bucks!! All that my dad had in his wallet! My father crawled out to the street and was found by a passing citizen. At that point Jim Ryan should have gotten life in prison yet he only received a 15 year sentence and now has went on and succeeded in taking someone else's life. This is who Jim Ryan is and what he is capable of!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Johnnie Ryan DID have something to do with all of that, I am sure of it. He made sure he had an alibi, he bought all the alcohol for the crazy people and then left for the night, knowing he wasn't going to his own home that night. Rebecca is just as guilty too, putting the idea into her stepbrothers head, HE BEATS ME BROTHER!! Jim Ryan is not right in the head and all it took was alcohol and a little persuasion to have him go nuts and kill somebody!! THEY KNEW THAT. I know all of this from my own association with these lowlifes and I wish the police would look at it all again, mainly for the safty of the people that have to deal with these individuals even though we have no choice. They should be locked away with Jim Ryan and forced to face the punishment that even they know they deserve.