Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Voucher proposals moving forward with Kansas State Board of Education

An Associated Press article from last week details how voucher supporters, including the Friedman Foundation, are making headway with the Kansas State Board of Education, though not with the governor or the state legislature as of yet.
You can expect a similar effort in Missouri from the Friedman Foundation, and undoubtedly it will receive the support of Governor Matt Blunt. Earlier this month, as revealed exclusively in the Turner Report as far as I can determine, the governor's brother, lobbyist Andrew Blunt, registered with the Missouri Ethics Commission as a lobbyist for the Friedman Foundation.
You can read more about that development in this post.

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epiac1216 said...

Hello Mr. Turner:

This comment is not directly related to your recent post. I just read your profile at Blog Explosion and smiled when I saw how similar we are in many subjects such as movies, books and TV programs.

I'm also an educator of Business Administration at Instituto Cultural in Spanish and English located in Panama in Middle America.

I've enjoyed your posts about journalism and education. I have read several times, "All The President's Men" and also saw the movie. I never thought "Deep Throat" would be someone working for the FBI at that high level.

Bob Woodward is also in the news regarding the leak at the White House. How similar reality is to fiction.


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