Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Republican race assured in Seventh District

The Seventh District will have a Republican primary race.
That was ensured today when two GOP candidates, neither named Roy Blunt, filed on the first day. Filing were Mitchell E. Potts, Springfield, and Clenden Kinder, Joplin. No Democrats filed, but Libertarian Kevin Craig, Powersite, guaranteed there will be a general election.
In the Fourth District, which includes Barton County, incumbent Ike Skelton, D-Lexington, filed, as did Republicans Lloyd Sanders Sr., Richland; Alan Conner, Long Lane; and Jeff Parnell, Rogersville.
No surprises emerged in local House and Senate races.
In the House, all area Republican incumbents filed for re-election with none garnering opposition on the first day. The earliest to file was 129th District Representative Ron Richard, who filed at 8:48:14 a.m., according to the Missouri Secretary of State's website, followed by;
-Kevin Wilson, Neosho, 130th District, 9:06 a.m.
-Ed Emery, Lamar, 126th District, 9:24 a.m.
-Bryan Stevenson, Webb City, 128th District, 9:59:05 a.m.
-Marilyn Ruestman, Joplin, 131st District, 9:59:46 a.m.
-Steve Hunter, Joplin, 127th District, 1:50:54 p.m.
Gary Nodler, R-Joplin, was the only candidate to file in the 32nd Senatorial District race, while his fellow incumbent, Delbert Scott, was the only candidate to file in the 28th District. Former children's show host "Aunt Norma" Champion, a Republican incumbent, was the only one to file in the 30th District.
The big guns did not file for U. S. Senate today. Neither incumbent Republican Jim Talent or Democratic State Auditor Claire McCaskill filed, but three candidates did enter their names: Bill Clinton Young, Kansas City, Democrat; Isaiah Hair Jr., St. Louis, Republican; and Frank Gilmour, Libertarian.
Four Republicans and one Democrat filed for state auditor. Republicans filing were Jack Jackson, Wildwood; Mark Wright, Springfield; Al Hanson, Concordia; and John London, Chesterfield. Susan Montee, St. Joseph, was the lone Democrat.


Seth said...

By the way Mitchell E. Potts is not a Republican. I think it is a protest move.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who Clenden Kinder is but he or she will get my vote.

Anonymous said...

What a sad state of affairs. Nobody will stand up and challenge Gary Nodler. For those of us who know him...he defines self-centered and is exactly what is wrong with politics in Missouri and America. Just another rich, close-minded white guy with no legitimate interest in changing the status quo.

Anonymous said...

Dear fellow Anonymous,Yes,it is a sad state of affairs that you who know him won't help us.As one who knows the ills of our area we have come to depend on you and your views to define the right views of politics for us in Missouri. Would you please come down from the loftly perch from which you sit and please rescue us from our leaders. Once you have filed all will be well. Filing ends March 28, 2006

Anonymous said...

Dear Democrats, just put a name on the ballot running against Nodler. It doesn't matter what name as I would vote for the Devil Incarnate rather than suffer Nodler for another term.