Wednesday, February 08, 2006

AmericanConnection to end flights from Joplin, Springfield

Trans State Airlines announced today it will end flight service from Joplin, Springfield, Columbia, Springfield, Ill., and Decatur, Ill., according to a news release issued by the company today.
The flights had taken place through Trans State's AmericanConnection partnership, according to the release. The company said it is working with RegionsAir to continue to provide service to the five cities.
Trans State, a St. Louis-based company, has provided transportation between the five cities and St. Louis. RegionsAir, a Smyrna, Tenn., company, flies 19-seat turboprop aircrafts.


Anonymous said...

More proof that tax payer money will be wasted on the new terminal building. The only reason any airline is flying into Joplin is because they are recieving subsidy money from the government. What happens when the Uncle Sam stops cutting them a check? They'll probably leave and we'll be stuck with a shiny new terminal and no airline to fly in. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

As a long time follower and employee of the airline industry, this was only a matter of time. Joplin in the mid 80's was able to hold traffic because during that period, the service was comparable to Springfield, Fayetteville, and in some cases even Tulsa. With the emergence of Bentonville's XNA regional airport, and the upgrading of aircraft to include Regional Jets (which are quite comfortable) Joplin lost it's place. The sad part is that Trans States didnt keep up with the competition in aircraft, and forced the few who flew out of JLN to experience "less" for equal or more dollars. The new terminal will NOT attract another airline, nor should it. The flexability of XNA, TUL, and SGF leaves JLN in a vaccum. One last would never see me put a foot inside their spinoff airline Regions Air.