Saturday, February 25, 2006

Oregon paper writes about firefighter's arrest

The arrest of Seneca volunteer firefighter Randall Rogers after an article by Joplin Globe investigative reporter Max McCoy revealed him to be wanted on Oregon charges from 15 years ago is examined in an article in today's Eugene, Ore. Register-Guard.

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Anonymous said...

I am a firefighters wife and while Randy Rogers is a generally ok person, based on his past history, I would not feel comfortable with him protecting my husband or myself. A firefighter must be willing to place the public needs,and fire fighting team needs above his own. Morally he has shown that he has a complete disrespect for anything other than his own needs/wants. While he claims he has changed, he is a liability to all fire departments. Respect for them is based on their trustworthyness and having a felony conviction does not fall into this category. I cannot believe that the fire department/city would back him up for breaking the law while he has been saying how horrible it was for someone to commit arson and he wants them caught. Isn't that a bit hipocrital? He needs to serve his time now since he thinks that he was above the law before. He also needs to accept this gracefully and show respect to the firefighters.