Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Harpool continues to press Champion on issues

Doug Harpool's campaign strategy is becoming clear.
He takes a stand on an issue, and then criticizes the incumbent Norma Champion, R. Springfield, for not taking one.
Earlier, Harpool came out in favor of stem cell research and asked, "Where is Norma?" So far, Ms. Champion has not taken a stand on that issue.
Now, Harpool is supporting the ballot proposal to increase the minimum wage, another issue on which Ms. Champion is apparently undecided:

"The senator who voted to eliminate Medicaid funding in our state would not come forward and tell those with life-threatening and debilitating diseases that she will NOT support an initiative to preserve and improve the value of their lives -- and she will most defiantly not come forward and tell working families that she believes $11,000 a year is enough to raise a family," Harpool said.

"Missouri's minimum wage has been stuck at $5.15 for almost a decade while the cost of healthcare and higher education has skyrocketed and gasoline is up to $3 a gallon. Too many families can hardly balance the checkbook at the end of the month and they struggle to put food on the table," Harpool added. "Raising the minimum wage will make a profound difference in the lives of these families and in Springfield as a whole, because those people have a tendency to spend those new dollars locally."

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Anonymous said...

Thank God for Doug Harpool. Now in the world could anyone in their right mind vote against the raise in minimum wage. The Repugs can, in a heartbeat and then increase their own pay and never think a thing about it